This is my pug....

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  • Preston

    This is my pug....

    Her name is Ms. Piggy. My mom refuses to call her by her real name. We got her in 2001 at which her first official act was to inspect every single room of the house. She is a small dog but unusually territorial. She likes to run on golf courses and bark at all people (she isn't afraid of anyone except for the exception of my husband.) The first time they met, the dog teared up and fled to the other end of the house. If you close the door of your room in the house, the dog will move her tuffet (yes, just like little miss muffet) from her usual spot to your door and rest on it until you open. She warms up to people....after a few days.

    That's all.....just some fluff. Enjoy my pug picture. Add more pictures of pets if you wish....thats all.

  • Valis

    catfish bait!


    District Overbeer

  • gypsywildone

    German Shepard snack!

  • xenawarrior

    Awww, she's cute Preston !! *thwacks Valis*

  • Stefanie

    aww very very cute!

  • gypsywildone

    LOL, yes , she sure is! We're just kidding

    She has a lot of presence for a small lady, & it looks like you have a really nice house in Az! Not the barrio I was living in over there

  • seeitallclearlynow

    Sweet pug, Preston! We love pugs around here.

  • minimus

    Beautiful dog! Smart, too!

  • Preston

    <= me

    catfish bait? german shephard snack with a pizza logo?!?!?


    Well, I do have a sense of humor......

    thanx guys, see, xena, stef, valis, gypsy, minimus

  • Bubbamar

    Awwww Preston - SOooooo cute!!! I have a black pug. He's 13 years old poor guy. He's not so cute anymore - kinda chubby and 1/2 gray now. But he's been through a lot with me - he's family. My sister calls him "piglet." He loves to snuggle at night. Does yours sleep with you? Mine will have it no other way. Oh and mine doesn't get along to good with my partner either. He's trained her to feed him the second she walks in the door...he'll bark at her till she gives in. Then she gets mad 'cause he won't stop barking. Yes, sadly, my dog bully's my mate. LOL

    Oh - And I love your floor too! What kind of tile is that?

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