Are you dressing up for Holloween?

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  • Stefanie
  • Gretchen956

    oh my, who could possibly beat that one (was that a pun??)

    I'm going to be a goth witch.......


  • rocky220

    uh that's something you don't see

  • betty boop
    betty boop

    hahah very nice...

    well in light of my post-name i thought of being betty boop but now im thinking ill be a gypsy or pocahontas...hmmm

    i also thought it'd be funny to be a "girl from the hood" go back to my high school days and dress up like the chicks with the door knocker earrings and the big jeans lol

    i hope its not too chilly!

  • jaredg

    i'm gonna be papa smurf

  • recoveringjw

    If I do dress up, I am going to dress up as Grace O'Malley, the Irish pirate ;)

    Last year on Halloween, it was so COLD, that rather walking around the neighborhood with my nieces, I drove with the heater on high and blankets in the backseat so that they could warm up between houses.

    I love Halloween.


  • cruzanheart

    Jennie (our almost-11-year-old) is going as Mother Nature, and I'm sewing leaves all over an old skirt (last vestiges of meeting attendance). She has a green cami top and a flower wreath, and we're going to put green glow-in-the-dark makeup on her face and arms, and spray her hair green.

    Jackson is a red Bionicle (I think it's Makuta). Very fierce.

    I'm going to be the Mom handing out the candy (I got good stuff too -- come on by!), and I got a black T-shirt with "BOO" on it. That's as much of a costume as I'm willing to do.

    Isn't it fun being NORMAL???? (And I say that sincerely to the Zombie Elvis.)


  • Dirt Rocker
    Dirt Rocker

    Betty Boop :)

  • GentlyFeral

    I was planning to dress up as "Hoochie Claus" until my daughter found out where I was going to spend Halloween - then she refused to lend me her Santa Claus hat.

    So she's making me a mask that's all red and black and spiky and beautiful, and I'm going to wear that and a red lace nightgown. I'll be a succubus or an incubus or something.


  • Eyebrow2

    My 2 year old answers to Boots from Dora the Explorer lately, so we are going to make her Boots (it is monkey wearing red boots for those that don't know the show).

    I wanted to make the 4 year old Dora, kinda go with a theme, but NOOOOOO...she must be a Powerpuff girl. Not sure if she is going to be Blossom or Bubbles yet. I tried to talk the husband into being Dora, but he won't cooperate either. I may have to be Dora. But I would rather dress as a pregnant nun. sigh.

    My son has declared he is too old for trick or treating, and wants to hand out the candy at home instead. I said sure, and then he asked if he could sit on the roof and toss it to the kids below....I don't think so, hahah.

    Now, for the husband, I am trying to get him to be a pirate...that is if he won't be Dora.
    I may have to borrow the neighbors dog and dress her up like Dora.

    Yes, Nina...being NORMAL is a BLAST!!!!


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