Evolution and Man's Intelligence

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    I believe we evolved on the seashore and in the ocean. We have traits like, a film over our eyes, body fat over our muscles, like blubber, oils that coat the skin, partially webbed fingers and toes, sweat out salt, lack of fur, upright posture for standing in deeper water and swimming more streamline we can hold our breath for 3+ minutes. All these things are related to marine animals and not plains animals. No other large primate or any plains animal for that mater have these mutations.

    Genetic drift is finite for example a black couple can never have a white baby but might have a lighter one who could have a lighter one and so on. A smart couple might have a smarter child and a drummer one but the smarter one has a better shot at a healthy long life with more offspring and multiple mates.

    I believe a catastrophic change took place that destroyed the shore front environment we were evolving on and the only survivors of our species were the ones that moved inland in search of a better living and our intelligence is in direct portion to the intelligence of that group.

  • Abaddon


    Abaddon --- If anyone here is vague it's gotta be you buddy .

    Mmmmm? What?

    Just where do you come up with this penis theory of yours ?

    I didn't come up with anything.

    What I said was very much a creationist statement , I've said countless times on the board I don't believe the evolution of man theories .

    Which is fine. You're entitled to your own opinions. You're not entitled to your own evidence, and as that very much points towards an evolutionary mechanism; even if various 'schools' of evolutionary thought come and go, the basic mechanism is hard to dispute with the evidence there is.


    Did you read the thread? I mentioned one. Nice to see you've given up on disputing dendrochronogly et. al. and decided to talk about a subject that is not yet explained satisfacorily.


    Far more fun, eh?

  • Mecurious?

    A smart couple might have a smarter child and a drummer one but the smarter one has a better shot at a healthy long life with more offspring and multiple mates.

    Yea, I always wished for at least one of my kids to play drums, but they all seemed to be interested in piano instead. Nothing like a smart drummer though..



  • zen nudist
    zen nudist
    zen nudist
    alpha male types, which make up 1 out of every 22 males

    Do you have figures for this? I'm not disputing the figure, I'm interested in getting more.

    the source is a book called ROGUE MESSIAHS

    in that book they sited studies of populations of male's, mostly from POW camps.... when the guards isolated all leaders from the rest, they numbered on average 1 out of 22... the rest never made trouble nor tried to escape once the leaders were removed.

  • SYN

    Ah, the Surfing Ape theory! That's a particular favourite of mine, I must say. It very neatly explains a large number of odd mutations that humans have, but our close primate cousins don't.

    One other handy thing it explains is how we managed to get so much protein to build our brains with. It's much easier getting protein from the sea (molluscs, fish etc) than fighting for it on the plains. In order to grow a big brain, you need huge amounts of protein. It's a rather large limiting factor, and although I say this purely as conjecture, it could be one of the reasons why the other primates have smaller brains than ours. But look at whales & dolphins...yep, big brains.

    I think Abaddon is on the right track here, but I also think that a thing like the development of intelligence is too broad to be pinned down to just one "cause". Evolution is about the propogation of genes, not "causes" and "results". Genes will do anything they can to survive, including giving their hosts big brains and big willies.

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