Just being honest...

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  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Naked is comfortable and proper.

    NEKKID is so damned good.

    Country Girl <fanning herself like a proper Southern lady should>

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    The Sherrif just called *me* and asked if I could be a "mode person" for his training in staff psyche-atrist. I said okay, but they have to pay me in boudain so it couldn't be tracked bt Eyre S. I said if Eyre S. comes knocking at mah door, I'll hide the boudain somewhere where they won't want to go get it.. but I wasn't going to sit in that room no more over time. Boudain is a good thing in the South. It has a vegetabel, and a meat, and a starch, all right in one animal intestine. Gotta love it. The Eyre S. is jealous of Boudain people cuz they are makin so much money on such a small diime and that makes the Eyre S. really mad. They sell boudain at all the truck stops and conv. stops, l,ike they sells boiled peanuts in Georgie. I mean.. really.. who the hell believes that people BOIL peanuts and eat em? Ick. They are not normal unless they're roasted and salted. BOILED peanuts? Is that a SOUP or something? Aint happening over Texas way...

    Posta be another Country Girl commentary but she is actually gone... this is her friend, Scarlet.

  • lawrence

    Hear you, I cry more each year about the injustices that blanket the earth. Any form of intellect tells us all that there is enough to go around, and sandbox conduct is minimal, but even lowering the bar that far, there sure is a lot of nasty crap going down. Maybe the crying/weeping is "hungering and thirsting for righteousness?"

    Heard in my head a Neil Young song, think the words are ..."Country girl, I feel your pain.." (harp comes in).


  • mamochan13

    "normal people who haven't been raised in a cult feel empathy, don't they"

    You've hit it exactly, country girl. We were not brought up normally and it will continue to f**k us up, no matter how hard we try. But remember YOU WERE NOT BROUGHT UP NORMALLY. Its not normal to feel the way we did, to view others the way we did, to behave as we did. there is nothing normal about this religion, and escaping will feel strange. but its the right thing, and once you leave you can start to be "normal" again.

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