Quick Build hard hats

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  • brutusmaximus

    I remember we were doing a refurb in the hall and we had to re-varnish the floors so me and my wee mate volunteered to do it. Sadly we had no need for hard hats but they might have came in useful as we were out of our heads from the fumes of the varnish. We had AC/DC blasting out the PA system and then had our own sing along on the platform, a quality job all round I would say

  • Englishman

    They'll be supplying them soon emblazoned with "Property of Jehovah's organisation".

    At least there won't be a referenced Scripture underneath, there being no references in the Bible to Jehovah's organisation..


  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    yep...far as i can tell,all the Fun is being eliminated gradually.I loved the idea of ACDC being blasted on the pa....was it Highway to Hell?

  • jws
    In England about 5/6 years ago a directive kicked in that you were not allowed to put anything on your Hard hat at the QB...apparently Bro,s were putting all kinds of details down to ,er,attract the opposite sex....MS,RP etc!

    Next it'll be corporate sponsors. Penzoil, Budweiser, etc.

    I do remember that being sort of a social event. One of the places other than an assembly where you could meet up with the opposite sex outside of your congregation. And everyone was pretty much wearing jeans too! A lot more to see than those modest dresses!

  • Englishman

    Whitby KH quick-build, 2003.


  • NewYork44M

    They always made the anouncement that there should be no lettering on tee-shirts. If you came to a site with lettering or advertisements on your shirt you would be asked to turn it in-side-out.

    Also, the one Elder always enjoyed making an anouncement about sisters and "low-cut" tee-shirts. Evidently that was a no-no. I only went to one quick build, and was on garbage detail. Not much fun. Was hoping I could be part of the "tee-shirt" police squad.

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    I also remember a old Boy who had his first taste of Authority on a QB i went on.He was in charge of,wait for it...,checking the steel toe caps were in order!This officious little Nazi used to go around ,tap you on the shoulder,then..bam,he would stamp on your Foot!

    Dunno how he didnt get his Ass kicked!

  • Quotes

    If someone had "tested" my steel toes and I wasn't wearing any, this guy would have had an instant introduction to "Mr. Elbow" to the side of his head. Don't worry, the brain damage is minimal; no more than a typical WT study causes.

    ~Quotes, of the "Not Normally That Violent, but Will React In Kind" class

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