Quick Build hard hats

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  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    In England about 5/6 years ago a directive kicked in that you were not allowed to put anything on your Hard hat at the QB...apparently Bro,s were putting all kinds of details down to ,er,attract the opposite sex....MS,RP etc!There were some desperate people out there.....

    Any other Crazy "hilarious"antics you remember at QB,s?

  • Elsewhere

    Hmmm... "Hard" Hats huh?

  • Markfromcali

    not off hand, but I was wondering if these are onsale at eBay now or something..

  • Quotes

    In this region, way back, there was a guy (or gal?) that would write your name or initials in fancy script on your hard hat.

    That was my ex-wife's (a.k.a. the "X-File") favorite possesion: a hard hat with her name.

    FUN???? WOW!!!!!!! Pretty exciting, eh? I am so jealous.... no wait a minute, I'm not jealous at all! ;)

    ~Quotes of the "Sarcastic" class

  • Confucious

    Quick builds were one of my first... HMMMMM when it came to the truth (tm).

    It was billed out to me to be some "love fest."

    But when it turned out that I couldn't swing a hammer faster the the other guys - I was booted out.

    Granted, things have to get done. But it was billed out to be something where everybody could have a share and "build this church with love."

    Rather - it's a example of efficiency.

  • joenobody

    I remember that dude Quotes who would paint your name on your hard hat. It was essential when scoping out the young sisters and trying to gather some names. I remember some bros. started getting nicknames and things like that on them. Leave it to the WTS to suck every ounce of fun and whimsy out of every single facet of life.

    Any of these dubs ever imagine what would happen if Paradise were real, but that they had to live under the same dictums that Ted Jaracz and the Bringdown Crew have been micromanaging for years?

  • Beans

    I only went to one quick build and the funny thing is that I wasn't a witness! My boss was a JW and his electrical contracting company did all the work so I was invited down.

    The best part was when I was working away and all of a sudden I was the only one inside and I'm like where the Fcuk did everyone go? I walk outside and there all praying. Knowbody had the balls to tell me we were eating! I was laughing so hard inside!

    Oh yeah and at that time my hard hat had Gumby and Pokey on it!

  • confusedjw

    No, but when I would redo a room in the previous place we lived I would put bibles in the wall so that during the "tribulation" I could rip out a wall....

  • Gadget

    I had some furry ears on my hard hat making it look like I had Snoopy on my head. We had a good laugh!

    The best part of the 2 weekends was doing the overnight security on the Thursday nights before the work started on the Friday. We got to miss the meeting 2 weeks in a row!!!!! On the first weekend we got a local chinese takeaway to deliver and had a feast and got a bit drunk. We fell asleep in the security caravan and got woke up by the kitchen people starting to cook breakfast. The next week a lot of the hall had been built, so after the chinese and beer we decided to have a game of football in the main hall using the platform and double doors as the 2 goals. It was great until the ball went out the fire exit and got covered in mud. We didn't notice until later how many football marks this left on te newly painted walls........ In the roofspace on that hall there are a load of empty beer cans, rum bottles, takeaway wrappers, graffitti, and allsorts from that night. The best bit was that nobody noticed the marks on the walls until the day after when the painters returned and complained, so the ms wannabe on security the following night got the blame for it!

  • xjw_b12

    I recall the directive not to wear any T-shirts that had corporate advertising on them. Didn't look too cool I guess when they we're interviewing a "brother" on TV wearing a black T-shirt emblazoned with "Miller Genunie Draft on the front......tee hee.

    Btw I still have my QB Hard Hat, with Super Dave labelled across the front..

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