Christopher Reeves Dies...

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  • Gretchen956

    This is a sad day, the world has lost a great man.

    Now we are going to hear from Kerry how Bush killed Reeves because he wouldn't fund any *new* strains of Stem Cell Research - even though any private company can research any new or old strain and the gov't is funding the current strains.

    Keep the political discussions to the politics threads. That was uncalled for in a tribute to Chris Reeves.


  • The Thinker
    The Thinker

    I think he's better off this way. It didn't look like he would ever be healed.

    Is this all part of the "superman Curse"? Do a google search for it, its interesting.

    And the Stroy of Superman is based on Jesus.. Do a search for "superman jesus". I don't know how to paste URL's on this board.

  • confusedjw

    Geez Sherry don't bite my head off, this was in the article quoted at the start of the thread

    Reeve's support of stem cell research helped it emerge as a major campaign issue between President Bush ( news - web sites ) and John Kerry ( news - web sites ). His name was even mentioned by Kerry earlier this month during the second presidential debate.

    and I was just projecting the next thing we are going to hear about it. I didn't realize from the title of the thread it was a Chris Reeves tribute thread.

    I'm sorry Reeves died, I'm sorry he was ever injured, I'm sorry I offended you.

  • Gretchen956

    Confused, apology accepted.


  • WildHorses

    The last movie I saw him in was the remake of 'Rear Window'. He did a wonderful job. He will be missed by many, myself included.

  • Crazy151drinker

    Superman rocked. I hope his aggresive campaigning for Stem Cell reasearch is continued by others.

    Superman and Rodney all gone within a week

  • Satanus

    Nooo! Well, i'm sure that he's flying now, wherever he is. Fly in peace, superman.


  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    Even though he wasn't well, it was a real shock. Chris had such a postive attitude and a love for life. He will be dearly missed. Hopefully his legacy won't be for nothing.

    Thank you Chris for entertaining us and rest in peace.


  • patio34

    It was very sad. I was still a dub when he was injured and that was tragically sad. He seemed like a wonderfully courageous man.


  • cyberguy

    This was very sad news for me to hear! I loved all his movies, and I'm sure there is a tremdous loss with his family at this time! He still has young kids that will finish their teen years without a father! Our prayers should go out to his wife and kids! Just my 2-cents!

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