Bethel Vacation: Lake Cabin in Wallkill

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  • Dawn

    gee...looks like so much fun (NOT!). I prefer the type of parties where balconies collapse (ha ha)

  • Quotes

    Wallflower asked:

    What the hells the deal with the big traffic light in the first group picture?

    Based on the other pictures in the collection, I think this is Joel Gott's office.

    Yes, It seems like a little bit strange thing to have in a WT office; although not entirely out of place for a geek/tech's office. I guess if you are important enough, you can have a TV, Stereo, and a traffic light in your office.

    (Personally, I have never had a job where I was allowed to have a TV in the office; the traffic light probably would have been OK except it is so big it wouldn't fit into any office I've ever had)

    ~Quotes of the "Much smaller and more portable personal trinkets in the offic" class

  • BluesBrother

    O K , so "Bethelites" can have a break in a pretty basic cabin, they have group photo's in fairly old fashined clothes. They evidently have a laugh, take unsuspecting photo's of each other... All sounds pretty human to me . I expect they fart and cr@p as well - aint that amazing?

  • xjw_b12

    Gumby said:

    I noticed they turned the label on "the bottle" before the pic.

    But not the label on those "evil" donuts

  • xjw_b12

    And what was it that JWs used to say about how their Kingdom Halls were simple and modest compared to the extravagant churches built by "Christemdom"?

  • xjw_b12

    Can you imangine the fun we could have "tapping" into the feed, and supplying our own video and audio??

    We are using a 1 Mbps audio/video stream back to Bethel over a private T1.00

  • TresHappy

    That first photo with everyone - so when did Chelsea Clinton become a Jehovah's Witness?

  • Nosferatu
    It sleeps two and has everything you need (including cable TV) EXCEPT for a bathroom. An outhouse is provided out back.

    What??? No internet connection with a link to JWD????

  • RunningMan

    Okay, who would like to snip and paste a few heads? I feel like someone's porn careers are just about to take off.

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