Bethel Vacation: Lake Cabin in Wallkill

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    Looks like Bethelites *DO* get an officially sanctioned vacation! I wonder if those "widows" giving their "mite" for a "world wide bible education work" know that their donation could be used to support vacation properties!

    "Lake Cabin - Wallkill: This cabin is available for Brooklyn and Patterson Bethelites. It's located in Wallkill on Farm III. It sleeps two and has everything you need (including cable TV) EXCEPT for a bathroom. An outhouse is provided out back. Showers and flushing toilets are available a 1/4 mile down the road."

    ~Quotes, of the "Cable TV but no TOILET? WTF" class

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    BTW, to see more of Joel Gott's "bethel insiders life" photo albums (including an Irish Dance recital complete with a green belt/sash!!!!) see:

  • Odrade

    I've stayed in a Farm III cabin before. (I think it was Farm 3... thought it had a toilet though. Maybe not, it was several years ago.) It was kind of fun. Almost like not being at Bethel, except for the stack of magazines my mom left on my sleeping bag in the little loft. LOL!


  • gumby

    I noticed they turned the label on "the bottle" before the pic. Snappy dressers eh?


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    "This is a party that we had on the 12th floor of 30 Columbia Heights for those moving down to Brooklyn from Wallkill. Gionatan and Ty are doing a skit called "Brooklyn Questions Answered" which was a spoof of the District Convention part "Bible Questions Answered". They attempted to provide answers to the many questions from those who are transferring from Wallkill to Brooklyn. It was very funny."

    Yup, that is what you need for a great party, A PODIUM!!!! No good party would be complete without a microphone!!!! ;)

  • candidlynuts

    and a designated reader at your side.

    (prepare for bitter bitchin) i coulda used that dang cabin when i was HOMELESS AND LIVING IN MY FREAKIN VAN!


  • willyloman

    Thanks for the photo, it's a trip down memory lane. Ours had a bathroom, however. I remember feeling somewhat guilty staying there, made possible simply because we "knew" someone.

  • TresHappy

    What a nice place...can't believe you have to use an outhouse though!

  • Wallflower

    What the hells the deal with the big traffic light in the first group picture?

  • GermanXJW

    This is my favorite :

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