I Am Evil

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  • iiz2cool

    I Am Evil

    I am considered evil by an entire religious organization that compares me to the biblical ?dog that has returned to its vomit?. According to this organization I have nothing but eternal damnation to look forward to. When my mother dies I will have to arrange her funeral according to the requirements outlined in her will. That means I will have to arrange for her funeral service to be given by Jehovah?s Witnesses. They will attend, and they will shun me ? refuse to acknowledge my existence. They will shun me because I wrote a letter to an elder explaining why I no longer believe the doctrines of the Watchtower Society and why I can no longer support its policies. According to the Watchtower, that makes me an evil Apostate.

    Why am I so evil?

    I am evil because:
    1. I give blood to help my fellowman.
    2. I want to protect children from child abuse.
    3. I no longer knock on my neighbors? doors to tell them lies.
    4. I believe in education.
    5. I have a conscience.
    6. I don?t try to dictate or police the consciences of others.
    7. I don?t call other religious organizations ?whores?.
    8. I support the lawmakers of my nation. If my nation is attacked I will help to protect it.
    9. I don?t condemn the United Nations or its members, while secretly having a membership of my own with that organization.
    10. I don?t believe billions of people on earth should be sadistically butchered just because their religious beliefs are not 100% in step with mine.
    11. I don?t discriminate against women.
    12. I don?t discriminate against men who have facial hair.
    13. I don?t discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation.
    14. I don?t believe that all governments are run by the Devil.
    15. I don?t believe in disowning my family members because they don?t share my religious beliefs.
    16. I speak out against hypocrisy.
    17. I love unconditionally and expect the same in return.
    18. I don?t believe a religious organization should use deception to sanitize its history.
    19. I don?t believe any man or any organization has the right to change the terms of someone else?s vows to God.
    20. I believe in giving to charities.
    21. I don?t unquestioningly alter my belief system every time someone else tells me to do so. I research my beliefs.
    22. I believe it is wrong to hate anyone.
    23. I believe it is wrong to try to control the thoughts of others.

    If that is what the Watchtower Society calls evil, then I?m proud to be what I am. For the first time in over twenty years I can hold my head high. I no longer shrink back or skulk away when someone asks me what religion I am.

    I believe in freedom of religion. I also believe in freedom from religion. That?s where I?m at. I?m an Apostate, and I?m damn proud of it!


  • Quotes

    Beautiful post, Walter!

    This reminded me of the "I Am Canadian" ads from Molson.

    "I Am an Evil Apostate!"

    We should get some T-Shirts printed up! ;)

    ~Quotes, of the "If Being Evil Like This Is Wrong Then I Don't Want To Be Right" class

  • Satanus

    It seems like there is a conflict there between what your mother wishes for you to do, and the position into which you would be placing yourself w regard to the wt swine. But, that is just my view. My relations w my mother aren't nearly as good as are yours w your mother. Whatever you do, let it be right for you.


  • AuntieJane

    Hey Walter, I am DAMN proud to know such an Evil person. God has blessed me by finding this board and knowing there are Evil people like you on this earth. THANKS for writing!

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Hey you "evil" person ... look in the mirror....what do you see in the word "evil" ..... L-I-V-E ....

    That's really you .... you "live" and you care and people are damn proud to know you. Just because some bogus organization got it ass-backwards doesn't mean ya gotta believe it.

    "Evil is as evil does" .... Forest Gump

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    Now that Satan has lost you Walter it looks to me like you'll be mixing with a higher class of people. Congratulations and welcome to humanity! I am proud to have made your acquaintance.

  • frenchbabyface

    Well Izzy if the least is what makes someone Evil well man you're BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD Damnit !!! (just kidding of course) you're too cool

    Nice shot by the way !

  • ThiChi

    Remember: Evil spelled backwards is LIVE......

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    Interesting point by Thichi....

    Also, Walter, you must remember that JWs are a minority. Their behaviour is not the majority.

    You are a normal , sane, individual. They are the problem.

    Been there; done that.....

    Hang in there, bud,


  • frenchbabyface
    ChiChi : Remember: Evil spelled backwards is LIVE......

    hehe ... didn't reliased ... how do you call this kind of words when spell backward give you an other word ? edited to add : Got it = anagramme in French / anagram in English ...

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