Today's JW Is Yesterday's Failure!!!

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  • lawrence


    If I remember correctly, you were the fan of aluminum bats, not the standard Louisville Sluggers. Bats in the past have been used for re-education, but I believe you're past that point. On one other post we discussed protecting the K. halls during Halloween, now maybe we should descend on the halls and take charge of talk number 1 on Thursday and the Public Talks on Sunday. No outlines, no mics, just a few words, and of course - bats - ala Judge Ruffemup! As I stated on another post this week, I believe it's just a matter of time before some crazies on these boards DO descend on "God's House" - ha! ha!

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I haven't seen it quite the way you describe it. But I do see a lot of the ones that used to be strong now are rather careless and not taking things as seriously as before. Too many false expectations have debilitated most.

    It's almost a joke of sorts these days.


  • unique1

    I completely agree. Two of my friends, don't go at least once a week. They skipped every Thursday to watch Friends. They all hate the meetings and admit it, but go anyways and consider themselves good JW's. Their husbands are even used in the congregation. It is just weird. They never would have skipped a meeting for a show in years past. One of my friends got pissed at her congregation because they did NOTHING to help her when she lost her baby. They offered to help, said they would be there, and never showed up. So she and her hubby stopped going for months and joked about and encouraged my other friend and her hubby to skip and hang with them, which they did. But all considered themselves to be in as good of standing as before. Just Weird.

  • Billygoat

    If things do seem to be "cooling off" with the JWs nowadays, I imagine that it would make things easier for many of us. Perhaps our JW relatives and friends will see it's not so bad to be connected to us as they think. Personally, I would love to see my parents and brothers chill out like that. It could mean the beginning of a reconciled relationship.

  • NewYork44M

    When I read the topic I thought you were talking about where new recruits come from. It was my observation that the "witness" work was geared to find those who were complete failures at life and were looking for easy answers. Is not that why we kept calling back, perhaps someone who was not interested would have a 'life crisis' and see the 'truth' as their only last hope.

    As in. 'yea, my life stinks but only a few short years....paradise.' The individual no longer need to find a solution for his or her life, only wait out this wicked system.

    Unfortunately, as we all know, the end does not come and individuals eventually have to (or will have to) face reality,

  • minimus

    The end result is that today's JWs will realize what it means to have nothing, to have no friends, no family, no education, no savings, no life insurance, etc.

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