Today's JW Is Yesterday's Failure!!!

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  • minimus

    Ona, fwiw, in my experience, JWs DO suck. When I say this, I mean the religion---not every single member. My mother's a JW and I don't think she sucks. And today's JW in no way resembles the typical one of the 50 to 70's.

  • lawrence

    I agree that there is less zeal, no consuming fire, and more diffidence than anything else. You could consider them moving more "mainstream" in many ways. It's almost like talking about "liberal" Southern Baptists. What's that?

    Yes, the lady in the 10 room house with big noticeable contributions will no longer see the grillings in committee rooms for not showing up at Sister Maggie's for book study.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    mini makes a good point. i find many jw kid's i've known from years ago. don't go to the hall much if at all. but still call them selves jw's. i find many of these kids at the age of 30-40+ still live with their jw parents i think in my area. it's more like don't ask ,don't tell. just keep your mouth shut my area is mostly black ppl. and i'm not sure if the wt gives them a little leaway. it would seem that way. FAMILY ties seem hard to break in my area. unless your a hardline apostate. it's a very big cong. and i don't think the elders push hard to shun your family here much. even tho i got shunned by my dad, only because i took them all to task. otherwise they have never really bothered me at all. it seems they will over look next to anything here to keep the younger generation , even to semi call themsleves jw's i would say here if they can't put the heavy yoke on your back, they will let you have some rope. john

  • outbutnotdown

    Hi minimus,

    What is your point, exactly?

    I agree that a lot of JW's are "devout" despite not doing as much as what is preached that they should be doing. However, I think this has been true for decades. If you get a bunch of wife-abusers together, they will leave their little gathering believing that they are more justified, simply due to the support they have gathered from their peers. It doesn't make it any more right.

    The best that we can do, IMVHO, is to show them how we can be happy outside of their belief system. Love does conquer hate. Good does conquer evil. Or it doesn't...... it's up to each individual to make that determination. We need to try to help our fellowman only to the point where our fellowman will hurt us. Personally, I love as unconditionally as possible my JW family. However, I will not allow myself or my family to suffer any harm at their expense. At this point, conditions are introduced. Everything in balance.


  • minimus

    My point is-----that although there are ones that will always feel they're good JWs, now, that is the norm. Whether you are a long sercving elder or pioneer or you are "technically" a JW but never go out in service or make almost no meetings, you're still a "good Jehovah's Witness". Years ago, such ones were regarded as either "immature", "unappreciative" or simply "not a real Witness".

  • StinkyPantz
    Get your head out of your nether-regions. A blatant attempt on your part to yet again promote one of your endless questions and threads on this board.

    Well that certainly added to the thread.. Mini- Before I left, in fact years before, there were certain dubs that I'd only see a couple times a year. Usually for the memorial and the special talk, or when they were assigned a talk on the Theocratic School. It amazed for one, that as inactive as they were, they could remain on the School, and two, why they were still in 'good standing'.

  • Scully

    When I was a young school-aged JW in the 70s, it was the expectation that as a JW, you would make a big deal about anything that was considered to be an issue of Loyalty to The Organization Jehovah?. You HAD to remind the teacher EVERY DAY that you couldn't sing the National Anthem or say the Lord's Prayer and wanted to be excused from the classroom during that time. You HAD to make an issue over why JWs didn't observe each and every holiday. You HAD to wear the JW label like a big red-and-white bulls-eye on your ass, and suck it up when someone was making your life miserable over it.

    Now the average JW kid doesn't even need to make it known to their classmates unless they really want to. The parents can just send a note at the beginning of the year and the teachers have to deal with the kids appropriately or they can be taken to task for religious discrimination. They have things a lot easier now than we did, and their being accepted now came at a very high price for US. We were the ones with the bloodied noses in the school yard and teachers embarrassing us in front of classmates for being different. We were the ones who had to act like freaks and be treated like freaks, so that today's JW kid can be as close to "normal" as anyone else.

    A fat lot of good all that persecution did us, eh?

    Love, Scully

  • toreador

    Very well said Scully! I remember it well the teasing I got in school as the only Jdub in the whole school.

  • minimus

    After seeing how my mother feels about things at this point in time, all that will be left in the organization are either "new ones" or those that've been around for years and never really "did anythuing in the truth".

  • czarofmischief

    the fire has gone out - the generation change blew out the flame and the UN scandal poured cold water on the coals.

    A lot of people are wondering about the wasted lives... and they want PAID, biatch. I say they sue the WT for breach of contract. Or launch a guerilla war. COLLECT. Make Jee hoo ber pay UP. He OWES. He promised, or let his biatches in BROOKLYN pay, I say we go round with some shotguns and bats and make 'em pay for benefits, lost wages, and pain and goddamn suffering!!

    'course, I'm just a violent American.... what do I know about right an wrong????


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