When & How Did You Get The JW ULTIMATUM?

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  • blondie

    Haven't gotten it though I have told some JWs that I no longer want to associate with them as individuals.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    i was never a jw. but been around it for 35 years. never even much interested, 5 years ago when i got separated from my wife. i went to live with dad (jw). out of work and out of a wife at the time. dad told me all my problems were because i wasn't a jw. he was pushing hard, and i started reading some of the mag's. right away i was questioning him on some of the wacky statements they print. for the first few weeks he would win any arguement i came up with. then came a wt article about the 1919 and 1922 conventions. i had no idea what they were teaching at the time. and to my amazement neither did he. he could not produce one wt book or mag from the time. this peaked my interest. he told me to look up any thing i wanted at the kh. they had nothing to hide... so i went to a couple of halls, and found next to nothing before 1940-1950. next i tried the local public library. again nothing. i asked the librarian for help, she directed me to the p.c.'s there and told me to search for jw.'s. in less than 2 hours i learns a bit about 1925 and printed it out. dad started FUMING when i got home ,and showed him what i found in short order. i asked him were was his research in the last 35 years? in typical jw fashion he would change the subject, and give me another hurdle to jump over. i became a regular at the library. This went on for a few months, till he was losing next to every arguement. i even found a hall with a lot of older wt books. the new wt's were glorifing. he was even losing bible arguements with me and i never really read much of the bible before. the ULTIMATUM, came after i blew him and most of his jw's friends out. he started calling the police on me to get me out of the house. telling them i was getting in the way of his freedom of religion. it didn't work as i was a legal resident, even tho he called the cops on me over 20 times. the last straw was when a few times he tried to beat me up. i was about 38 yrs old . i walked away the first few times. trying to show respect. one day i came home, and dad showed me a court order to get me out of the house. we got into an arguement. and he tried to block the door, saying now he's going to get me to go to jail for 1 year as per the court order. this time when he put his hands on me. i did what i had to do. and got out of the house before the cops came. everything my dad did was under the directions the local elders etc. all for the simple reason that none of them could back up most any wt teaching. i lived out of the back seat of my car for the next 4-5 months found a job ,and got my own place. the wt teaches jw's to preach things they can't back up. when someone takes up the challange, the jw will do anything to defend thier idol in brooklyn. it's sad, i had a good relationship with my dad, till the day i took him took him up on his challange. had i known then what the outcome would be. that jw's can't accept facts and truth . i might have let dad think he is holier than thou. sorry for the rant... john

  • outbutnotdown

    Hi Corvin,

    When I was 17 my father was in a suicidal state again (and despite the fact that the rest of my family, (all older), felt that he was just manipulating us and they had all disowned him, I stayed by his side). He promised me that because of my dedication to him, he would never attempt it again. He lied. It was the beginning of the end of the "JW ultimatum".

    The good thing was that, with the JW hierarchy of the father being the head etc., I had begun to realize that this JW God was full of sh*t as far as the love thing goes.

    The last straw was shortly after the birth of my first of four children. My brother called up and reminded me that, if I didn't put myself back in good standing in the JW God's eyes, that my son would die, since I am the head of the household......... same old crap, just different generation...... as much as it sucked to hear that and later, to realise how jaded my brother's view of life and love is, it was the final "ultimatum".

    The rest of my life has been a great, free ride, still full of challenges, but FREE!!!!!!

    I have always loved this quote by, I believe, Montaigne:

    "Man must surely be stark mad. For he cannot create a flea, but he creates Gods by the dozens."

    Brad, of the "I refuse to create any new Gods" class.

  • Corvin

    All sad, but excellent stories in that they really do show specific examples of the shun threat. Please keep them coming.


  • franklin J
    franklin J

    I never recieved an ultimatium; per se. However I did get the shunning from all friends ( the only friends I had at the time.)

    What particularly got me good -and hurt-was one fellow from a neighboring congregation whom I attended High school with. We were never really tight friends becuse I went on to become super theocratic kid/ full time pioneer / ministerial servant. All "Billy" did was attend meetings. But we also ended up attending the same college ( highly untheocratic in those days). Our friendshiip grew because we were both " brothers" flirting with Satan secular education. Through college, we went in service and meetings together and tried to maintain our "theocratic" life.

    I later went on to attend college in Rome, Italy. I did not see Billy for a long time. When I returned from Europe I had elders breathing down my neck looking for blood. I recieved a friendly call from Billy and told him of my great travels in Italy; schooling over there and travels through Europe. He listened politely and then started to rattle off some names of worldly girls I had been dating in college. He asked me very point blank if I had done anything sexual with them and that he would have to tell the elders of my relationship with them. I was so stunned I could only reply " what are you talking about..." It took a few seconds but then hit me like a ton of bricks why he had called me. I simply replied " Billy I have to go". I stood there holding the reciever of the phone in shock. He said goodby and hung up. I was still so stunned -- still holding the reciever to me ear. Several seconds later I heard a second --click ( hang up). THERE HAD BEEN SOMEONE ON ANOTHER LINE MONITERING THE CALL.

    I relized within seconds that the local elders were trying to trap me; and realized and accepted in the core of my being that they were all crazy. It hurt.

    I never saw or heard from Billy again. I just recently attended my 30th high school reunion. He did not attend. No matter. Life rewarded me with many, many good friends since that time.

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