What to do in the hell-hole that is Las Vegas?

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  • DanTheMan

    The Blue Man Group! I would love to see these guys perform.

  • truthseeker1

    Shows, night clubs, strip clubs, people watching, golf, shopping, fights. Tons of stuff. If you don't want to gamble on a coin toss, there are other things to gamble on. Hell, you don't even need to gamble, watching people gamble is fun. Go to the bellagio and watch people gamble 20,000 bucks on a single hand of black jack. I get nervous for them!

  • Xandria

    Well you can go visit the

    Delmonico Steakhouse - Venetian (you have to book reservations) But you can have Emeril cook for you. Bam..

    www.key2lasvegas.com you can rent a party bus...

    Visit the , . more than $3 million worth of Elvis memorabilia

    Watch bartenders juggle flaming drinks: at the Voo Doo Lounge on top of the Rio Hotel. There is a Great view of the strip you..may have to pay $10 cover.

    Have a Star Trek experience at the Vegas Hilton (I had one w/ Tribbles...at that place).

    Visit the Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort Built by missionaries in 1855~ 908 Las Vegas Blvd. North; see if Rutherford and the founding fathers here were cousins or something. Just in case you have the guilt?s you can say you had a religious experience.

    Visit the at the Venetian daily this is a real bargain $2 for adults and $1 for kids

    Do the Griswold thing and go see the "World's Largest Gold Nugget" at the Gold Nugget.

    Ride the world's highest roller coaster, High Roller at the Stratosphere ~ just be sure to buy the t-shirt and photo of you pooping yourself, as you hang over the edge.

    See the Bellagio Conservatory and Gardens 90,000 square feet of plants and flowers, under a glass dome.

    Most of all have fun. dfgvnmq



  • xjw_b12

    You could just hang out at the pool, and we could watch ya!


    Or if you like there is an excellant restaurant that specializes in poultry dishes....


  • Quotes

    Vegas, so many options, so little time...

    I have found many of the best deals are advertised far away from the actual restaurants; perhaps they want to draw people in, but once they get there forget what the special is?

    The restaurant at the Hilton had (Jan 2004) a Steak and Pasta for $5... was pretty good; the price of the desserts on this menu were more than that! (BTW, I saw Ron Jeremy when I was in there... unfortunately, none of his, um, coworkeres were with him). But you have to ask for the special; it is not on the menu! (I saw it advertised elsewhere).

    While in the Hilton, take the Star Trek experience. Even if you are not into Star Trek, they plot twist in the tour is FUN!!!

    See "O" (Cirque du Soleil); you won't be able to get tickets at this late date, but ask about the "stand by" line and be prepared to wait a couple of hours. You'll pay full price, but you will get great seats. It is expensive, but very cool.

    The "Penn & Teller" show was great (but I realize some people don't like their style). They work the exit and give autographs and talk, very approachable, lots of fun. Make sure you go early to inspect the box used in the first trick. Don't be shy, inspect it carefully. Everyone is allowed up on stage 30min before the show to inspect it.

    Now, if you are going in January, you can drop in on the, um, er, Adult Expo (trade show for the Adult industries).... 'nuff said.

    ~Quotes, of the "Vacation Timing in January was an Accident, HONEST" class

  • frenchbabyface

    LOL DireStraightJacket !!!

    Well Las Vegas is the "all you can see", "all you can try" and "all you can eat" time of place just don't hang out alone (not always that fun when you can't tell whenever you feel like " wow " or " OoOooooh" or "hummmmmmmm ..."

    Also I would probably have done way more stuffs, If I have been with somebody else when I was there ... but it was enough for me to enjoy it my way ... even watching gamblers (little and bigs once) loosing and wining money ... (look at there face those who are kind of pateticaly hypnotised in front of a slot machine (yes it is possible) the applause when one is Ringing and that we know someone won the BIG DEAL ! the different way of the waitresses dresses (the bunny onces - I don't remember where they were but they were cute has hell ... with there half naked butt and buny tail swinging from right to left or left to right ...) Shows everywhere, everykind ... Well for a few days you might won't see the time pass ... just have as much fun as you can !!!

  • nb-dfed

    Go to the M&M store and check out the 3-D movie. Go to Madalay Bay and visit the aquarium. Ride the roller coaster at New York New York. Go to the Hoover dam. My husband is a recovered alcoholic, and we went on our first sober trip to Vegas last month. I thought it might be a bummers, but there is a ton of stuff to do besides drink and gamble! I would suggest renting a car though. Walking up and down the strip can be hell on your feet.

  • Mary

    You could always start a frenzy by telling everyone you're sure you just saw Elvis.................

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