What's the first worldly thing you did when you left?

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  • BrendaCloutier
    JWs get drunk all the time....even underage

    Yeah, my drinking and drunkeness started just after I got married to a "good JW man" at 18 yrs old. I was going to tavs and buying underage, too! Afterall, I was a married woman. I was also still attending semi-regularly, but not active in FS.

    When I finally faded, I tried smoking for the first time. It was a cigar. I DO NOT recommend your first smoke be a really poor quality cigar. I turned green, but didn't throw up.

    I tried marijuana about the same time. Didn't care for it, I preferred alcohol. Actually, I was on pot when we went to see the first Star Trek movie. Wierd. Harder drugs scared me too much at the time. Later I used some speed when I did a long drive to Calif. cuz I didn't get much sleep the night before. And I've tried coke, but I liked it so much is scared me. So I stuck with good ol' alcohol. Beer and Wine mostly as the hard stuff got me too smashed too quick. But I could drink many solid alki's under the table, even with the hard stuff!

    Can't drink any more. (Damn) Don't do pot or other drugs. Do do Rx as prescribed, or occasionally get painkillers in Mexico because my doc wont prescribe them... I tell him about them just to see the look on his face.... and to be honest about it.

    I do about 6 quality cigarettes a year - also Mexican - Pacificos. Good tobacco w/o all the additive crap, in sweetened paper - no filters. 55 cents a pack. Sometimes a good cigar, or an Al Capone cigarillo steeped in brandy... yum!

    I think I'll go have a cigi


  • Tuesday

    I think the very first thing I did was go on a road trip with a worldly friend to train to be a wrestler. The first "Big" worldly thing I did was I dressed up like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz for Halloween, it went well till some dude thought I was a woman dressed as Dorothy and thought I was hot. Two hours of flirting later I finally had him convinced I was a guy.

  • Insomniac

    Like a lot of us, I was doing worldly (ie, normal) stuff before I left. However, last year I really made the break and stopped attending altogether. My last night in my old apartment was Halloween, and I bought a ton of candy for the neighborhood kids and sat there in my empty apt. handing it out. Then I had my first Thanksgiving at my new place, then I decorated my first Christmas tree.

    Wow, I really went off the deep end with my evildoing: handing out candy to children and cooking a big meal for my family. I feel like the whore of Babylon.

  • Soledad

    I did quite a few wordly things before I left, namely smoking and attending birthday and christmas parties. I even attended a bar-mitzvah once. Oh the shame!!

    but after I left I went ahead and did all the remaining wordly things that I wouldn't dare do while I was in

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Lurked on apostate websites for several months before finally posting here.

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    made friends with "wordly" people

  • Sassy

    well I was inactive and dreading returning for a long while.. then when I ended up going out with a guy and having sex with him.. I decided the next morning to never return. and so I saw the guy again... as well as a few others

  • Ratboy

    I was smoking before I left, but after I stopped going to meetings. After I got DF'ed I got drunk on my 19th b-day.

  • ColdRedRain
  • truthseeker1

    First was mom's birthday. Second was clubbin w/friends.

    After that it was worshiping golden calfs, sacrificing animals to dark gods and then running around the street saying "there is no god"

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