Strange Encounter With Dubs Just Now

by Stephanus 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • barry

    Steph Its that beard cut the bloody thing off.

  • heathen

    Jeeze stephanus , one look at that picture and I have to make a quick exit from this thread dude ............. Are you an axe murderer ?

  • Stephanus

    Heh, heh! Perhaps you're both right - maybe these rather prim and proper Dub ladies weren't prepared for what they saw, lurking in the garden, awaiting them... (evil laughter)

    Still, an enquiry about their precious mags should by rights surely put them at least a little at ease. Maybe they've met me before in the field...



    Those ever-present angels were protecting them from evil YOU!


  • acsot

    It's my impression that more and more dubs are just plain worn out. Some of the elders, the ones who care a little bit about others, are running on empty. A dub told me last night that an elder in my former congregation asked "permission" of the C.O. for a four-month break; he and wife are travelling across country to get away from it all and then visit their sons and families who live on the west coast. He's in his late sixties and should be enjoying his retirement, but instead is like a walking zombie (he attended my mother's funeral).

    Many younger ones just want to have a somewhat normal life without all the guilt and pressure.

    The times sure are changing!

  • Elsewhere
    Perhaps they took you for a rapist and were unsure whether October is a Scream or a Don't Scream month.

    lmao! Great beard Steph!!!

  • Stephanus

    What about the fact that between two Dubs on a return visit, neither had any of the normal literature available? Is that usual? I would have thought that pioneering sisters would be prepared for all contingencies. The fact that it seemed that they hadn't visited my neighbour in a while suggested to me that it would have been an ideal opportunity to drop of some mags.

    Great beard Steph!!!

    Thanks! Enjoy it while you can - it's got to go soon, what with summer approaching, and the references to ZZ-Top becoming more frequent...

    The times sure are changing!
    They sure are! There once was a time when I'd get odd return visits from Dubs who were in the neighbourhood. It was also a time when Dubs weren't afraid of the odd argument with someone who knew their Bible.

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