French High Court confirms 60-percent confiscatory tax measure on religious

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  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    i'm hoping this is new ,news. this story has been around for about 4 years , and it was not only the wt to be taxed, but about 170 other non for profit churches and or org.s to the best of my understanding the wt had about 10 years to show the french gov't . what kind of charity work they do. and how they use their $$$$$$ for these purposes. since the wt does no real charity work , they spent the last 10 years in the french courts, trying to bamboozle the gov't. then moved all there printing presses out of france , to britian etc. i would guess if the wt spent the money ,they spent fighting the french gov't in court . on charity work . they never would had to go to court. so they dug their own graves. and who said the french ain't too smart. john

  • metatron

    "to him who calls for the tax, the tax"

    -------what the Bible says

    "to him who calls for the tax, a long court battle lasting many years, while whining

    to various authorities, who are actually all considered to be serving Satan anyway"

    ----------what the Watchtower says


  • Euphemism

    I would be very interested to see any information Narkissos (or anyone else) could find about the actual legal basis of this decision. I think we would all agree that the WTS deserves, morally speaking, to be taxed/sued/etc to death. But I would be curious as to what the actual legal basis for the 60% rate is. Is this the standard corporate tax in France? Is this a special rate for organizations that have been deemed "sects"? Is this a penal rate for their lack of accounting standards? Etc.

  • crownboy

    Unless this taxation is being applied equally to all religious organizations, then I think the French are wrong on this. If this is a deliberate targeting of the JW's, then this is nothing more than government sanctioned discrimination, IMO.

    I may not like the teachings of the JW organization, but they ought to be treated as fairly as the next religion.

    (A debate on whether religious organizations should be tax exempt to begin with is an interesting other question, but since the system is the way it is, there should be no arbitrary applications.)

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    They are audited by professional external accounting firm.....and who would that be?

    Also, where can one get a copy of these audited financial statements.

  • Narkissos

    Here is an interesting link (for those who can read French) to a well-documented JW version of the story (click on the link near the end of the article to get to the historical background of the case):

    I'm still expecting an answer from a relative who has worked on this case within the French fiscal administration to get the other side of the story.

  • RunningMan
    They are audited by professional external accounting firm.....and who would that be?

    Also, where can one get a copy of these audited financial statements.

    In England, they are audited by Calcutt Matthews, a chartered accounting firm. I don't know anything about them (I'm from Canada). I have a copy of their audited financial statements for England for 2001. I can e-mail them to you. The files are around 900K.

  • M.J.

    Regarding the 60% rate, I guess they ought to vote the socialists out of office--oops! never mind.

  • Nosferatu

    Holy shit! I can't believe I missed this!


    Anyway, here's my opinion on this. We all agree that the WTS had damaged many people's lives, driven people to suicide, killed many because of their blood transfusion & organ donation doctrines, and has many mental disorders in people. They've done their damage. This is the price they're paying for the damage they've done for over 100 years.

    If a catholic gets a blood transfusion, other members of his church would be happy to hear that he's doing good. If a JW gets a transfusion, they get kicked out of the religion and members try to make this person's saved life as miserable as possible.

    They f@#$ing deserve to get their asses taxed. If I could think of one way that they're helping other people, I wouldn't be so harsh on them. They screwed up a good chunk of my life.


  • observador

    I think this has to do with wheather or not they're able to prove their charity work. Since they couldn't... you get the point.

    But it'd be nice to get info from anyone who knows the other side of the story; the story that the WT will never tell its members.


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