I visited my elderly JW parents today

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  • Jez

    Maybe I will change with time, but I personally don't want to see my mother. There is too much pain, too wide of a gap now in beliefs and too much to catch up on. Unless she was willing to start anew, no talk of the past, no playing catch up, if she was willing to just figure out who I am NOW, not who I was or could have been in her eyes. But I don't know if she is capable of that.

    I don't ache for HER. I don't really like her and never have. I think she was f***ed up before JW and thought it would be a crutch, and it is, but with or without the religion, I am glad she is out of my life.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    As people get older, they seem to soften up.

    My parents used to be really gong-ho about the whole thing. Now?! Forget about it! I miss a ton of meetings, hardly ever go out on service, and they know about me celebrating birthdays and other stuff, and they don't even care anymore. They treat me ever so sweetly!

    WHY???!!! They're way up there in age, and they darn well know that my siblings and I are the ones that take care of their needs, not the WTBTS!

    I love them to pieces; they're such nice people!


  • Flash


    Imagine not seeing your children for 10 years. Ouch.

    Its approaching that for me. Although I love and miss them, while they're still drinking the Kool Aid it's better we're apart. Their condecension toward me is very disrespectful and angers me greatly! I'm sure one day they'll wake up and realize their error. In the meantime I live my life as happily as I can.

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