People to People Student Ambassador Programs -- heard of it?

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  • cruzanheart

    And knowing Jennie, she'd much rather go to England and spend the balance on bears at Harrod's.


  • Eyebrow2

    When I was in high school they had a program called ESL or EFS or something..cannot remember too much.
    I didn't go abroad, but was involved with a group after school that hung out with exchange students.

    when you are 17 ALL young men with an accent seem really cool, heh heh.

    As far as these programs weeding kids out..we had one exchange student from Spain that could barely speak English. Apparantly, he had someone else help filled out his application and was able to sly his way over hahah. They were not sure what to do with him when he got here. He was in my Sr. Spanish class, and it was the only class he could really understand hahah. He stayed the whole school year and with help from one of the Spanish teachers and a few students he was speaking English pretty well at the end of the year.

    He was a hottie too.=)

  • sf

    The orientation meeting spoke of fundraising to raise the money to participate.

    My concerns though were how trustworthy are the adult supervisors in this program. Could I get a background check on each of them. They skirted around this issue and we left the meeting.


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