anyone here own a shih tzu

by orbison11 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    My parents owned one and had it for about 15 years. She was the most loveable dog I have ever seen.

    All the best with your Shih Tzu


  • Billygoat
    ah thanks for your responses, she is helping me in ways i didn't imagine i needed help, i lost my 4 children to the wt when i was df'd, about 5 years ago,,,,,and i have a very strong need to nuture, care for, etc,,,and i have time for grooming for her,,,

    Animals do have a way of healing broken hearts like nothing else. Right now I have two cats and a dog. About a month ago, I had to put down my first dog, Henry. It was devastating...still hurts. But my second little dog, Mandy, has been so sweet since then. I think she realizes my heart is broken and does everything she can to help me heal...cuddles, stays out of trouble (for the most part), plays with me...more than she ever did when Henry was alive. Animals have a way of becoming our family very quickly. Have fun with your new furbaby!


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