anyone here own a shih tzu

by orbison11 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • orbison11

    hi i just got a shih tzu puppy, has changed my life, so adorable,

    any here have one?


  • FMZ

    Eww... no... I flush every time... teehee

    Sorry, I just had to..


  • codeblue

    Yes, I had one in the late 80' husband brought the dog home for a gift.....She was 2 years old, and the previous owner was allergic to her.

    She was "adorable"......."sweet" of the best dogs I ever had...................temperament wise....and NO shedding.

    Her hair was much like human hair, very silky. But you had to brush and comb her DAILY...or her hair would matt....Shih tzu's are very high maintenance dogs in this department. Make sure you have time for constant grooming...


  • Xandria

    My cousin had one, it was very cute, very high maintance and very fierce.. she died from a snake bite. She was a city dog..who moved to the country. She wasn't ready for the wildlife and was trying to protect my cousin. She is buried in a place of honor.

    My cousin would joke with me about cross breeding:

    Just don't mix the dog with a bulldog.. you will have a bull shitzu.


  • orbison11

    ah thanks for your responses, she is helping me in ways i didn't imagine i needed help, i lost my 4 children to the wt when i was df'd, about 5 years ago,,,,,and i have a very strong need to nuture, care for, etc,,,and i have time for grooming for her,,,

    our local petcetera has a deal for apic, $8, for a small package, if they come in a costume for halloween

    her name is harley, and i am dressing her as a biker chic, but when i tried to put her harley bandana on her head, instead of her neck, she looked like a gramma selling perogies, lol, i will try to upload pics,

    i even found myself giggling for the first time in about 5 years, might even bring her to my therapist next week,

    anyone else have that kind of experience in their healing from the wt? or am i just being silly


  • squinks

    Man o Man ! Sorry the WT has your offspring, that would positively kill me. Mine were young when I bailed so I "took them with me" when I returned to my own vomit.

    Anyhoo, Shih tzu-very cute-good for to cuddle! Wait! I gotta sneeze . . . Ah. . . Ah

    Shih Tzu

  • Ghosthunter

    I own the world's fattest ShihTzu! His name is Gonzo, but we just call him Bean. The name mutated from Gonzo Garbonzo Bean. For reasons I don't quite understand, my husband and I always re-name our pets.

    Bean is a snuffly little dog and we love him dearly. Your dog will bring you many years of happiness and laughter!


  • Nosferatu

    There was a shit zoo in the back yard of my house when I moved in. The previous owners had a dog, and I had to clean it all up.

  • Princess

    god bless you

  • Nosferatu
    god bless you

    For what? Cleaning up shit?

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