Why does God need to be worshiped?

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  • frenchbabyface

    Why does God need to be worshiped?

    because there is nothing he can do by himself (LOL) and have nothing to be proud of for real ... as a sick little less valuable than a (hiding) man type of "God" (I'm talking about the one the Christians want us to buy). Nothing is it fault but everything is from him ... and of course we are the sinners ... OOOOOOOOOH WELL

    Just kidding I'm with you all on the concept of the human bullshit !

  • Satanus


    So, are you saying that a god who wants worship is a pagan babylonian idea?


  • frankiespeakin
    Why does God need to be worshiped?

    Because if you don't he will kill you, and your children. The Bible god seems to be very cranky if he don't get worshipped, or beleived in(faith). The orderliness of the whole universe depends the worshipping of this god. The bibles message is very clear: Worship this god, or else suffer eternal damnation.

    Now I know the bible teaches us not to be selfish, or to think too much of ourselves and this is all to be done in imitation of god just as children imitate a father. Well the problem is if we "really" imitate the god of the bible we would have to selfishly make sure we are worshipped and think a great deal about our own importance. It's a paradox. God is love or the reverse Love is god,, the question is what kind of love,, a close examination I think reveals a very selfish self centered love.

    So I guess god needs to be worshipped to satisfy his damaged ego,,to make him feel better,, to make him feel important,, and he don't seem to mind killing any one that won't worship him just the way he likes to be worshipped,,ignorance about how to worship god is no excuss,,if we are not worshipping him in the proper way he will correct us with scorges, torture and death. It's all scriptural.

  • frenchbabyface
    Frankies : God is love or the reverse Love is god

    You know what ? ... I like this sentence, caus' it is true somehow this God takes a lot of love away from human on other humans ... so yeah what kind of love are we talking about ? "AGAPE" my arse ! eddited to add : Ooops I mean : talk to the hand !

  • Terry

    God doesn't need worship. Man needs TO worship.

    Each man is large in his own life and "ME" drowns every sound and thought.

    God is ....."other"....and the most demanding other possible.

    Man can refuse to breathe and eat or drink; but, he cannot choose not to die. All these "choices" end life and represent the tyranny of beingness. So too, "god"is the source of the Nile, the Northwest Passage, the view from the top of the highest mountain; the curtain behind which all the answers lie.

    Man can imagine there are answers and that those answers are true. Whom shall he ask? Man's stream-of-consciousness spews out the puzzles, the koans, the riddles and the codes to be untwisted and swallowed as medicine for his failing soul. But, whom he asks speaks not in a voice the ears can hear....only the heart in a still small moment of utter silence finds a whisper to hold.

    God falls from the sky as a wounded sparrow.

    God fails as the light of summer's last twilight.

    God haunts the edge of troubled dreams and the thunder of a grumbling sky.

    The dying thirsty man needs water and sees it................in the mirage......just out of reach.

  • MerryMagdalene

    I like these words, attributed to Lao Tzu and translated by Witter Bynner:

    The surest test if a man be sane

    Is if he accepts life whole, as it is,

    Without needing by measure or touch to understand

    The measureless untouchable source

    Of its images,

    The measureless untouchable source

    Of its substances,

    The source which, while it appears dark emptiness,

    Brims with a quick force

    Farthest away

    And yet nearest at hand

    From oldest time unto this day,

    Charging its images with origin:

    What more need I know of the origin

    Than this?

    ...and I liked your words, too, Terry.

    ... that bit from the Enuma Elish was also interesting. I've only recently stumbled on those ancient writings myself, trying to discover if there any were correspondences in their symbolism w/ that found in the Bible regarding the cherubs w/ the 4 animal faces.

    Happy Sunday everbody! --Merry

  • Narkissos


    I'm amazed indeed at the similarity between the "pagan", polytheistic, Enuma Elish and the beginning of Calvin's Catechism:


    Master. - What is the chief end of human life?
    Scholar. - To know God by whom men were created.
    Master. What reason have you for saying so?
    Scholar. - Because he created us and placed us in this world to be glorified in us. And it is indeed right that our life, of which himself is the beginning, should be devoted to his glory.
    Master. - What is the highest good of man?
    Scholar. - The very same thing.
  • Elsewhere

    A god that needs to be worshiped is created by a dictator who wants the same worship. The dictator will, of course, at as the "mediator" between the people and the god, effectively giving himself the authority of the god.

  • Farkel

    : Why does God need to be worshiped?

    I've used the analogy before that when human parents have children, the last thing on their mind is to have the children worship the parents. In fact, it would be considered the sickest of human conditions for parents to demand worship from their children. Or else face the terrible consequences of not doing so.

    Only the most perverted of human parents would force such an act on their children. What does that tell you about a God who demands worship upon pain of death, then?


  • minimus

    Does God NEED to be worshipped or do people feel the need to worship (a) god?

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