In Defense of Mental Masturbation

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  • logansrun

    Every now and then I see a negative reference to an idea or conversation as "just a bunch of mental masturbation." The "spirituality" of quantum phyics, solutions to theodicy, theoretical ways human consciousness might survive death -- all these interesting topics just brushed off by the more empirically minded as fondling our cereberal phallus. I've been accused of being a mental masturbator (along with just a plain-ol' masturbator) so I think I speak from experience. Mental masturbation is nothing to be ashamed of!

    These left-brained folks remind me a lot of the Watchtower in their dogmatism. I'm just waiting for one of them to talk about the "dangers" of mental masturbation, or have them start a thread entitled, "Mental Masturbation -- How Can I Fight the Urge?" They make a harmless little bit of M.M. out to be some sort of sin against Jehovah,

    Look: Mental masturbation is harmless and fun. And, in reality, everyone does it. You can't tell me that when one of these skeptics are in bed and can't fall asleep at night that they don't fondle their intellect and wonder if they can move their consciousness out of their body. Just admit it. Don't be ashamed! (They don't call them "hardened" skeptics for nothing!)

    I'm sure when Descartes was lying on his bed looking at the ceiling people accused him of mental masturbation, if not masturbation masturbation. Look where it got him!

    Spank the monkey? Ha! Spank the mind!

    Bradley.....Mental Masturbator Extraordinaire

  • StinkyPantz
  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    ha ha hmmff uhum ha he he he.....he said masturbation.

  • StinkyPantz


    You amuse me..

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  • RevMalk

    That was way too much for me to read, but it sounds like a great topic!


  • Undecided

    What does a mental orgasm feel like?

    Ken P.

  • harleyquinn

    without mental masturbation a lot of us wouldn't be out of the jws and on these boards...i think that "spanking the mind" (love that phrase) is far preferable to a lot of things that one could be doing....i.e. getting one's only stimulation from things like 'reality television'...i think, though, that a lot of people associate the term with pretentious jerks who like to show off all they know...people who have to tell you a piece of trivia for every comment you make....i'm thinking that's not what you are referring to...someone who expands their mind through thought is what i think of a 'mental masturbator'....

    that being said, i will some out of the closet with ya, logan...i am a rampant mental masturbator.....especially whilst lying in bed trying to sleep...time travel, the existence of god, and the concept of my own brand of spirituality....right on, logan, for posting this!

    hq~who spanks her monkey and her mind....

  • Satanus


    What does a mental orgasm feel like?

    It can bring tears to your eyes.


  • Xena

    lol two thumbs up for this one bradley.

    hq~who spanks her monkey and her mind....

    we have monkey's too???

    Xena of the outta of the closet (yea like I was ever in the closet) MMer

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