Ahhhh!!! Sunday Mornings....

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  • CoonDawg

    We didn't really do a thing. Sundays are the best. It's usually just my wife and I. We can sleep in...maybe make a little Sunday morning love..Eat a leisurely breakfast. IF my wife goes to the hall...which she doesn't more than she does...it's in the afternoon. I spend that time watching the races, or football...maybe tinkering in the garage or riding my motorcycle. It's the time I look forward to all week, because we usually get most of the chores done on Saturday, so sunday really is a day to kick back and relax.


  • confusedjw

    Conf -

    Isn't it nice. I've gotten so much work done on my Sat and Sun off. Weather has been spectacular and puttering around the house is just a damn pleasure. Taking breaks to catch some football.

    I wish it would last forever. I'm pissed off about that.

  • Nosferatu

    Every year, our cong would switch the time of the sunday meeting with the other cong. It would either be 9:30am or 1:00pm. I preferred the afternoon one so I could sleep in and not rush, but I liked the morning one because it would be out of the way quicker, unless we went on Field Service afterward.

    Sunday morning is now devoted to McDonalds breakfast! Sunday afternoons are dedicated to enjoying time around the house. Life is good now. I feel better than James Brown.

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    these days, Sunday mornings mean being up and out early with one of my kids on the soccer fields....not the 9:30 AM Watchtower and public talk

  • Mary

    Well I'm shocked---SHOCKED at the lot of you!! How DARE you relax and take it easy on Sunday morning!!! Why aren't you buying out Wal-Mart the Opportune Time??!! Brothers, the summer time left is reduced!!! Armageddon is not coming any time soon right around the corner!!! Why aren't you doing more in God's Service??!!

    Now excuse me while I could this as 15 minutes of Time on my Service Report. (I wrote reeeeeeeal sloooooow).

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