Ahhhh!!! Sunday Mornings....

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  • Confucious

    Hey Guys,

    Nothing in particular to Rant about this morning.

    Just wanted to shout out to you guys this...

    Isn't it just GREAT to relax on a Sunday Morning???

    I mean... like normal people.

    No guilt. Nothing to do.

    Just relaxing. Playing with the puppies. Triming the plants outside.

    Right before I stopped going and I was still a MS, our Hall was switching their meeting times around.

    There were other options availalbe, but the head elder. (and yes trollers, you and I know very well there is an head elder.)

    Anyway, he opted to have the Theo School on FRIDAY NIGHT and the Watchtower on SUNDAY AT 4 PM.

    Which, you all know, is the most inconvenient time you can ask for.


    I felt like I was begging the Head Pharasee Chief... And I told him to the effect, "Please make the load a little lighter for the friends. This is not a convenient schedule."

    And I kid you not, his response was... "The meetings aren't here to be convenient for the friends."


    Going out for coffee in a little...


  • Special K
    Special K

    Ahh Yes.. I love Sunday mornings too.

    It's sleep in day for our family (except hubby, who works most Sundays)

    Sunday mornings are set aside for relaxing and the kids do their homework for the weekend.

    A great pajama morning.

    Special K

  • Confucious


    That's what I mean. Isn't it nice??

    You need one day a week to recharge.


  • seeitallclearlynow

    I always felt strongly that we needed one day a week to recharge too, Confucious, and it's not an unreasonable human request. But it sure was never encouraged and of course in our household, by my husband's standards, it was unthinkable.

    So today, my son played his guitar for awhile, then while I was making pancakes, he searched ebay for some musical equipment and looked at the singles site; we tried to find a Smashing Pumpkins song from their last album but could not.

    Now breakfast is over and he's playing his acoustic guitar again in the living room. The music is so pretty and it's such a pleasant morning!

    This totally beats rushing around and getting off to the meeting for service to find almost no one there and then working the territory or calls for about an hour or so by yourself, seeing the families in the neighborhood relaxing and doing things together....

  • Confucious

    See it.

    I'm fully convinced, that if the "do-more syndrome" was more relaxed, I would still be in "The Truth." tm

    Part of the reason, is that I got so exhausted and frustrated that I started going on the Internet.

    Anyway, See it...

    I think it would be so much more reasonable if they even ENCOURAGED one day of rest.

    Maybe get rid of the the Service Meeting (which is a total Amway Sales Metting).

    Then have an encouraging bookstudy on like Wed.

    On Saturday, have an early morning meeting and then encourage field service on Saturday Afternoon.

    I mean, we're not debating their theocracy here...

    But wouldn't people be so more willing to WANT to do more, if they could reason... "Hey, Saturday Afternoon talk and then sharing what we learned right after. But then you were actually encouraged to rest on Sunday."

    To me, it's just human nature to want a day to recharge.

  • MerryMagdalene


    The best thing for me about Sunday mornings now is the delight I feel watching my little daughter enjoying the day in a relaxed, happy, and comfortable way, knowing she will never have to try to fit her lively little self into an uncomfortable chair inside a pretty box of a building, while men drone on endlessly about things that, realistically, can't make either of our lives any better and could, conceivably, make them a whole lot worse.

    I'll make scones and tea. She'll bring in beetles from the garden. We'll play on the computer, draw pictures, put together puzzles, go walking by the river, and know that we have all the God we need every step of the way...

    Have a beautiful day and E N J O Y !

  • Wolfgirl

    I love knowing I don't have to rush around to get to any of the meetings. Like during the week...rush home from work, hurriedly make dinner, shower, get yourself all dressed up, and then go and sit and listen to someone drone on, all the while thinking, "ER is on right now," or "I could be at home, listening to music, and playing with the puppy."

    Sunday mornings...I still have to get up because we've got 3 dogs. But I can go back to sleep. Life is so good now.

  • minimus

    What sucked is if you had a meeting on a Sunday afternoon or you had to share the Hall with 3 or more congregations. No relaxation at all!

  • blondie

    It's nice to sleep in. My hubbie made belgian waffles with link sausage for me. We read the Sunday paper and drank our coffee, did some chores, went to a movie and out to eat. No mind-numbing public talk, WT study with people regurgitating the paragraph which had alread been read, no cleaning the hall for the next congregation, no calling on people who aren't at home. I hated that Ihad to get up early every darn day of the week.


  • minimus

    Your husband spoils you, Blondie!!

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