What's a Typical Weekend Night Like For You??

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  • minimus

    Do you go out and party? Do you just relax and veg?? Knowing you don't have to get up for Saturday service or a Sunday meeting, how does that affect your weekend nights??

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    Since I never was in a position to have to get up for Saturday service or Sunday meetings I can't really comment on how that would feel but I can tell you that I usually spend my Saturdays and Sundays scrambling to get various chores done. That tends to dictate my evening plans at least as when I go to bed the night before. I am too old to go out partying and night clubbing so my idea of a night out is taking in a dinner and a movie. If I am tired and have alot of activities planned the next day then I will do either dinner or the movie. Often I will use this time to catch up with family and freinds or to go and workout at the gym. Friday and Saturday nights have little significance to me any more at least where partying is concerned. A few years ago I took swing dancing lessons with my honey and we used to take in dinner and swing dancing but it lost it's excitement after a while. Maybe it's time to take different dancing lessons like hip hop - NOT. Just call me Mr. Boring.

  • ballistic

    Well I have done a lot pubbing and clubbing over the years on the weekends, but tonight, I am just tearing my hair out trying to get a DVD player to work with my system. I have just decided it was dead on arrival and am sending it back.

  • phil78

    Just to broaden the thread a little, i am quite amazed at the amount of witnesses who do go out clubbing and partying till the wee hours of the morning, and return to clean up and go to a Sunday morning meeting. I used to when i was 18, but quit it by 19 to try and put more effort into the "truth". It didn't help. I met up with a lot of other witnesses, even bumping into ones my parents age, ripping it up on the dance floor, trying outrageous drinks, and then going to the sun meeting, and witnessing in the arvo.

    But for me, now, just enjoying family life, trying not to work to much, and taking it as it comes is my weekends.


  • StinkyPantz

    Alcohol.. sex.. repeat..

  • hillbilly

    hard to say... I still keep a few horses on the place so Sunday feeding still comes early... A couple of weeks ago I went on a date... this weekend I will see a benefit concert for ST Judes Hospital (Mark Chestnutt).... most of the time I just live the good life as a celibate, single dad, gentleman farmer...

    Hill (bets Minimus hooks up with a green M&M class)

  • Princess
    this weekend I will see a benefit concert for ST Judes Hospital (Mark Chestnutt)....

    Nice, I like him.

    We usually stay in. With kids you just can't party much. When we didn't have kids, we were dubs and didn't party much. LOL...

    Tonight we are going to dinner with Mulan and dad. Then we'll put the kids to bed and watch a DVD. Whooohooo!

    I have to be careful because I usually go for a long run on Sundays as I'm training for a marathon. I can't overindulge in anything and need to sleep. This week I'm running Monday since Steve is participating in the cycling club's last ride of the season/year. I can't ride due to the training so I'm staying home with the kids. Plan to do some yardwork.

    We are mostly boring but enjoy our lives just the same.

    Next weekend is the October 'fest with Bisous and Odrade. That will be a bit different. I still have to be careful not to overindulge but I can do a bit more than usual. It's a cutback week in my training and I only have to run 6 miles which I'll do before we head to Oregon.

  • Preston

    Hanging out with friends....

    Going to a movie....

    I rarely go dancing anymore , Bruce doesn't feel comfotable in clubs, however I'm a good dancer.

    I think I'm an average joe like the rest of you all... finding that having time on "meeting night" to do what I want to do isn't so bad after all...

  • minimus

    Isn't it something that we can take the little things for granted? Like enjoying an evening out and not worrying about missing a meeting or even being late!

  • Carmel

    What most tea totaler 61 yr olds do! Hang out on JWD and surf the web until the eyelids get too heavy! unless I'm in a hotel room watching the boob tube!


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