Ladies only!!

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  • Scully

    Got this story from a friend....

    Last night, my friends and I went to a Ladies Night Club. One of the girls wanted to impress the rest of us, so she pulled out a $10 bill. When the male dancer came over to us, my friend licked the $10 bill and stuck it to his butt cheek! Not to be outdone, another friend pulls out a $20 bill. She called the guy back, licks the $20 bill, and sticks it to his other butt cheek. In another attempt to impress the rest of us, my third friend pulls out a $50 bill and calls the guy over, and licks the $50 bill. I'm worried about the way things are going, but fortunately, she just stuck it to one of his butt cheeks again. My relief was short-lived. Seeing the way things are going, the guy races over to me!!! Now everyone's attention is focused on me, and the guy is egging me on to try to top the $50. My brain was churning as I reached for my wallet...... What could I do???? The woman in me took over! I got out my ATM card, swiped it down the crack of his butt, grabbed the eighty bucks, and left.
  • Elsewhere


    Gonna have to burn that card and get a new one!

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  • bikerchic

    LMAO @ that one Scully!

    I got out my ATM card, swiped it down the crack of his butt,

    Phew! I wonder how those ATM cards hold up to being sterilized?

    I especially liked how the first two "ladies" who replied to this thread enjoyed the joke....

  • frenchbabyface
  • codeblue

    Good one Scully



  • morty

    Omg Scully....I started to pee my pants when I read this.....

  • outnfree

    LMAO, Scully!


  • Been there
    Been there

    Now THAT was funny. Guess you could call it a dirty joke.

  • Midget-Sasquatch

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