Mt. St. Helens Erupts

by BrendaCloutier 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • Mulan

    On our news, they are saying Orange alert. I've also heard the #2 reference.

  • Sunspot

    I happened to catch the ABC news and saw it---it was fascinating to say the least! Seeing the white steam (looked like clouds) and that black jets of whatever you call it---against that bright blue sky---was rather spectacular!


  • Mulan

    Now it is at level 3, and they evacuated the area. They are expecting another big eruption (maybe) and 50% chance of lava flow.

  • Princess

    Damn that's cool. Sad about the devastating affects to the land though. I've been up several times and am still amazed at the re-growth amidst all the dead trees and such from the 1980 blast. It's a truly amazing thing to see and I encourage anyone who visits the NW it's well worth the drive to see the mountain and visitor's centers. (there are at least three heading up the mountain)

    I'm just kicking myself for not going up there last week. Nothing to see I know, but cool to be up there anyway. We were at my mother-in-law's in Castle Rock...the town at the base of the drive up.

    I haven't had the TV or radio on all day. I'll check it out.

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