sky captains and the world of tomorrow

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  • heathen

    I thought it was a great family movie , something to take the kids too , sure there were some lovely actresses in it but if you just want to get away from the main stream of senseless violence and sex for an hour and a half this is a good movie . I always loved comic books as a kid and still as an adult . Deffinately is my genre of movie . I also like the Hell Boy movie . The photography was a little getting used too I don't know what they did there it kinda made the colors washed out , I think they could've done without it . If you go see it let me know what you thought ..........

  • Special K
    Special K

    Heathen wrote:

    I also like the Hell Boy movie

    Me, TOO!.

    I'm really a big big tomboygirlkid at heart. I really like comic book sort of movie's brought to life.

    I won't tell you how many times I watched Hell would be embarrassing for me and well.. the spiderman movies.. I'm not even gonna go there. I love that wolloping websnapper guy.

    Special K

  • heathen

    Special K------- I agree the spiderman movies were excellent . I just saw the punisher on DVD and liked it but it didn't have super heroes in it just a comic book hero but still was kind of pulp fiction type stuff .........

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