No chicken fights for me...Sheesh!

by Special K 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • NeonMadman
    Sorry, Neon, but that's just plain WRONG!!! Ya wanna meet me outside and we'll settle this like, um, West Virginians? EVERYONE knows the only way to cook skinless, boneless chicken is to batter the hell out of it and deep fry it in something that has the consistency of motor oil, then slop cream gravy all over it.

    Not that I wouldn't enjoy it that way, too...but if I want to keep off the 160 pounds I've lost, I'd better stick to my way of fixin' it.

  • lawrence

    200 million guns in America! 25% of the populace admits to having mental problems - bad odds. B-Que, beer, and bullets, yee haw! Little too late for legislation now?

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