Was there any turmoil in the congregation you attended?

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  • Nancy Drake
    Nancy Drake

    All of the women in the congregation looked up to one particular elder because he was very handsome, had a great singing voice, had beautiful wife and children. He was very charismatic and would always try to make the meetings so interesting with quizzes, illustrations, charts, games... Of course all the women absolutely adored him. All the girls would giggle when he came by to joke around or tell them how lovely they were.

    Imagine our surprise when he left the truth and his family to persue his HOMOSEXUAL AFFAIR!

    We believe that all the elders got together to find some dirt on him to get rid of him. They seemed to be so jealous of the attention he got from all of the ladies.

  • under74

    Yeah, there was a lady at my kingdom hall who "went away" and then all the talk was about how her mother caught her trying to hold her 2 toddlers down in the running bathtub. And then there was the elder who's wife got disfellowshipped after going to other elders about her husband molesting their four daughters. You want more?

  • seattleniceguy

    The JW's put the "fun" in disfunctional.

    That's about the funniest thing I've ever heard! LMAO!


  • badboy

    I saw as an item for an article that they are saying that there is a` gay gene' that causes the persons female relatives to have more children.

    Perhaps the homosexual elder has that gene,how that for an explanion for his behaviour!

  • DaCheech

    I was once as an 18 year old asked to go to a party. Well my friends elder father asked me to go

    to his too. I said to him: "Sure, I'll come at Noon, but have to leave at 2 for the other friend.... He said fine

    Well, in his party there were 10 or 14 older ones, and when time came I asked to be excused (asking if maybe

    his 16 year old son could come with me too). Not only did he say no to me and his son, but said "Well

    I think you should call family xx, and have them bring all their people over here! I said "I'm sure they are started

    and spent quite a bit on preparing", he said "well they can bring it here"!

    At that point I said: "You can tell your son what to do.... You can tell the naive in the ongregation what to do.... But you can't tell me

    what t do"! and I ran to my car and left to his shock and awe!

  • under74

    Dacheech- what happened after that? Did you move to another congregation?

  • badboy

    DACHEECH ,What was that all about.

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