Was there any turmoil in the congregation you attended?

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    Lol on the tired congregation.

    It's the Head Elder that dictates it.

    I was in a cong where the Head Elder and his Head Elder Wife reveled in the thought of "being tired."

    He felt you needed to work yourself in the ministry to exhaustion.

    Mostly, I always felt that it was a matter of the "disfiguring the face" when you're fasting deal.

    But the Head Elder made it fashionalbe to be tired.

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    Way back when my ex-wife was only my girlfriend I had an opportunity to attend some meetings and get to know the local congregration. There were constantly events/things of a scandelous nature happening. Some of the events were scandelous from a criminal point of view (i.e. child abuse, child sexual abuse, spousal abuse) and some from a religious point of view (i.e people seen smoking or associating with a disfellowshipped person, or combination stuff like a person seen with a d'fed person in a bar smoking - which always begged the question what was the person who caught them doing in a bar anyway?). It seemed that between the criminally scandelous and religiously scandelous events there was always some kind of constant turmoil which caused a general tension and uneasiness. Alot of the witnesses seemed to enjoy that constantly tense environment because it gave them something to gossip about.

  • DebraDoll

    The nature of my disfellowshipping caused so much gossip, rumors, and turmoil, that the congregation had to deviate from the regular programing to give a "special talk' at one of the meetings on the evils of gossip! Does that qualify?!?

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    A friend MS of mine was hated by the elders, one day when one did not like the work he was doing in the

    literature room criticized him, the MS smalled the mags on the counter and helled this is bullsh--!

    The elders had a meeting with him, and privately reproved him, and forced him to write a letter

    of resignation, he would not and said if you want to take me off, you're going to have to do it yourself!

    They did, but to be spiteful to him they did this: 2 years later his youngest son (16) wanted to get baptized

    and after doing the questions, they told him he could not...... He asked why not? They said a classmate

    witness accused him of pushing this other kid, thus making him not worthy! he asked who is this kid? I have to

    discipline my kid, and I have to find out myself? They said it was confidential. It took his kid 3 years before he got baptized!

    the brother still contends that this was fictional, and he has no intention of becoming a MS again

  • lawrence

    A young brother (had been my Bible Study) was getting married the next week, and I had agreed to do the wedding talk. The single "brothers" in the hall decided to throw him a surprise party and kept it quiet; anyhow, they took him to shoot pool, and then to the house where the party was being thrown. There was a keg of beer and some liquor bottles, now mind you half these people were under age, and the drinking started up and soon a porn flick was being shown, then it was decided that more liquor was wanted, so 1 legal kid and 1 17 y.o. kid went to get the booze, and side swipped a parked car on the way back to the party, and of course, left the accident scene, and were back with a few more fifths to revive the gang. Another porn flick was popped in, the gang got very drunk, and the next morning maybe 3 out of the 15 showed up for the Public Talk - very hung over. About 15 minutes into the Tower, another 2 dragged themselves in, and man, the committee was busy that week. Everyone squealed on everyone, and by the time the wedding rolled around and completed, a new batch was being scrutinized for excessive indulgence and scandalous dancing and 2 were caught making out in the back of the wedding hall, oh! One of their mates found the lovers. At the time, my wife and I finally understood why Brooklyn sent us to that congo. Most social congo I had been to - couldn't appreciate the good things back then. What a shame, some people had a real good party.

  • avishai

    Was there ever not a cong. with turmoil? The JW's put the "fun" in disfunctional.

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    hmm...I agree with Avishai. I haven't heard of there not being any trouble in any congregation. At the one attended I remember there'd always be some sister (usually an elders wife) who'd disappear for a couple months and then I'd find out that one had a nervous breakdown, and another had tried to kill her kids, and more breakdowns.....

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