New titles for old titles!

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  • cyberguy

    The Watchtower Announcing Jehovah?s Kingdom ? The Craptower, Announcing Self Edification since 1919

    Awake! ? Asleep!

    The Kingdom Ministry ? The Kingdumb Misery

    Worship the Only True God ? Worship the Only True Organization

    Isaiah?s Prophecy, Light for All Mankind ? Watchtower?s 1914/1919 Malarkey, Darkness for All Mankind

    Draw Close to Jehovah ? Draw Close to the Corporation


    Let's have some fun! Please add to the list!

  • Simon

    The classic:

    Millions now living will never die - Millions then living are now dead

    Draw close to Jehovah - Give us you money

    Follow Jehovah's will - Do as we elders tell you.

  • Corvin

    Questions Young People Ask, Answers That Suck

    A-fake! Magazine

    You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth and Pigs might fly out of my butt.

    The Truth that Leads to Eternal Strife

    The Secretion of Family Life

    KNOWLEDGE That Leads to Ignorance

  • Satans little helper
    Satans little helper

    Knowledge is the enemy of blind obediance

  • Nosferatu

    You Can Live In A Fantasy Land During Your Time On Earth!

    Revelation - It's Grand Confusion

    Your Youth - How To Screw It Up

    Learn From The Great Publishing Corporation

    All Scripture Is Interpreted by the Watchtower Society

    The Greatest Man Who Didn't Return Invisibly

  • minimus

    The Witch Tower.....Insight on the Publications......The AIDS Book........Making Your Family Life Unhappy.....The Finished Mystery 2004 Edition

  • Mary

    Revelation: It's Grand Climax - Supercalafrajalisticexpealadotious

    Making Your Family Life Happy - Fathers, It's Okay to Beat Your Wife and Kids

    Listening to the Great Teacher - Listening to the Governing Body Even If It Don't Make Sense

    Studies in the Scriptures II - Stargate

    Millions Now Living Will Never Die - Millions Now Living Will Never Be Able to Retire

    The Truth that Leads to Eternal Life - Welcome to Fantasy Island

    Isaiah?s Prophecy, Light for All Mankind - Scientists Reveal a Cure for Insomnia!

    Religion Is a Snare and a Racket - Religion Is a Snare and a Racket

  • seeitallclearlynow

    This thread is great for a good laugh - I just had a good time rereading these titles!

  • cyber-sista

    The Spoof that Leads to Eternal Strife

    All Scriptures inspired by frauds and criminals

    Our Kingdom Misery

    Making your family life Crappy

  • DaCheech

    Revelation! How to give your wife a climax

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