Name a Person That You'd Love To See On This Board

by minimus 50 Replies latest jw friends

  • Sassy

    I told her all about you guys.. and she thinks it is cool I have met xJWs online.. but that is as far as I could get her so far.. she mostly uses her web tv for email..

    when I come home though I want to hook up with Scootergirl........and Eyegirl.. so then at least she can meet some people from the board up by her

  • Farkel


    : Talking about Da Judge, not Farkel, he's too busy arguing the Beasts' latest policies to sell Shakley or prayer cloths.

    What in the hell are you talking about, you fool? I've read a lot of stupid stuff over the years, but this one takes the cake. You give "stupid" or at least "balderdash" a bad name.


  • minimus
  • scootergirl
    scootergirl make sure to pm, im or email me when you are coming. That is soon, right? We will most definately get together and meet. Eyegirl has moved out of the area, but I am sure she'd make a trip back this way to see you too!

  • PurpleV

    Michael Jackson!!!

  • Swan

    Young people!!!!! (especially my nieces, nephews, and youngest cousin)

    They still have a chance to get a life!

    My heart goes out to them, because I was in their shoes once.


  • DanTheMan

    Elders Ken, Greg, Kim, and Reggie, the four most arrogant men I knew when I was in the org. They'd get chewed up and spit out here were they to try to defend the faith.

    Also Michael and Kevin, two pretty cool guys who I think would see the light.

  • Celia

    I would love to see the red head with freckles guy....

    I know he's very busy doing great things right now, but still, he's missed...

  • BluesBrother

    My wife ,

    The rest of the dubby family

    The two or three really genuine and decent elders that I worked with. Otherwise intelligent and good men who worked so hard for a lost cause..

    Come to that, all 6 million of them!, leave the Governing Body to preside over nobody!

  • Nancy Drake
    Nancy Drake

    Prince, so we can talk him out of it.

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