Who Do You Like Better Jay Leno or Conan O'Brien???

by minimus 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • TresHappy

    Jay Walking!

  • Gopher

    Conan's interviews are hilarious, and sometimes (dare I say) insightful...

    And the band "Max Weinberg and the Max Weinberg 7" really swings!

  • detective

    I'm casting my vote for Space Ghost.

    That said, I dig Conan and John Stewart. They rock. Letterman rocks slightly less than those two. But if I was watching teevee with my dad, I'd put on the "safer" Jay Leno.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    i like letterman , he can be offbeat. he's gotten a little wilder since he had that heart attack. paul scheffer sucks. i like the way letterman lets some of the stage hands into some of his skits. shows he's not so stuck up . leno is just a funny guy. and on any night he can make you laugh i love when leno asks questions in the street ie who was the first president... lol these guys are funny . conan is not funny , he says the same thing every night. we really have a great show tonigh. conan tries to hard to be funny, the more he tries the more stupid he looks. there has to be someone better than conan he's a b comic at best. it will be a sad day in late night t.v. if conan takes over from carson and leno

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