Spies? Do tell.

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  • Midget-Sasquatch


    From what has happened to a number of other posters here, I'm forced to conclude that I haven't been spied on extensively because I'm not worth it!

    I feel like Bugs Bunny when he got enraged that bounties on rabbits were only 25 cents. I'm just a harmless cuddly creature eh? Maybe I should raise a little hell.

  • hillbilly

    Yep... have heard of spies, known some folks who have been spied on and know some of the spies up close and personal.

    Most of the "assigned" spying I know of refered potential divorce evidence. Trying to confirm the cheater... I know my dad was detailed to a few of those operations while he was an elder (he's out now)

    I worked a auditing (accounting dept) security detail for several years while living in the West Tennessee area...both at circuit and district assembly... we would post a detail at the cash room doors, escort cashiers and contribution boxes in and out of the count room, run the bank deposits, count cash, etc... plus we did direct observations of contribution boxes on the floor and were allowed to tail suspicious folks who seemed a threat. I even helped detain a pick pocket who was hitting hall walkers during opening prayer one morning. Got him right out to the Memphis cops... no fuss, no muss...

    My most blatent spy story was while attending Lake Worth (West) Florida... we had several 20- somethings at that hall... Ken Silvey personally asked me to do some "undercover" narc patrol observations on my peers....He was a little pissed when I told him "$200 a day and expenses, just like Jim Rockford, Ken"...

    Hill------------ (glad Im outta that shit class)

  • Midget-Sasquatch

    Well I did post this once before but my MS dad and an elder spied on the separated wife a fellow dub to help him have some hard evidence of adultery. They were too inept though and could be easily seen and recognized. She actually waved to them on one day. The day they tried to rummage through the garbage she called my mom and told her to tell my Dad the only reason she didn't call the cops on him was because of her friendship with my Mom. She was only giving this one warning though. That ended my dad's stint as a spy. I wouldn't really consider myself having been spied on. Blatantly monitored yes.

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