Spies? Do tell.

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  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    iiz2cool we can exchange some PMs about his when I get back on Friday from my business trip. I should be able to converse with you in the vening or on the weekend. In short though, whether it is the exact same car is speculative but I can tell you that the legal department has more than one vehicle but for some reason they have a preference to use the color white (at least when I was involved with them). I would say that if a car was following you and you made a complaint and it stopped following you I believe it is highly likely you were being monitored. I would curious to know what it is they were afraid of with you.

  • shotgun

    happyguy and Liz

    You should have gone Eddie Murphy on them and snuck up behind the car and stuck a bananna in the tailpipe or called the cops when it was parked doing surveilance.

  • blondie

    I do know that elders do drivebys hoping to catch JWs doing something wrong, like smoking, putting up holiday decorations; my hubbie was instructed to check their DVDs, CDs, videos and video games. One elder was disappointed when he found them locked up. He wondered what they were hiding.

    One elder staked out his ex-JW wife's house with another elder; after dark they went up to the bedroom window and took pictures so he could have proof for his "scriptural" divorce. Lucky he didn't get arrested for trespassing and peeping.

    Spouses have been known to give elders access to computers when the other spouse is out or checking their computer themselves and turning over any incriminating data.

    I think it was a brother's spouse that checked his computer and found inciminating data on jst2laws.

    The elders prefer playing spy than going d2d. (I'm sure they count their time)


  • Nosferatu

    I dated a girl who was studying when I was 15. When my mother found out, she went to seek out information about this girl. She found out about her home life and such. The information came quickly about her, and I was in absolute disbelief.

    This was one thing that caused me to leave.

  • jwbot

    Nos: poor girl! Its so silly what people do to young ones!

    Ok so whatabout the watchers at assemblies with binoculars? What are they looking for? Apostates? Laser pointers?

  • iiz2cool

    I remember one convention where there were a lot of apostates? picketing accross the street. There was a squad of brothers? that was assigned to follow anyone who came into the convention without a lapel card. I was among them, and we worked in pairs. No binoculars, but we had walki-talkies though. I didn't get one because I wasn't a MS.

    The only time I ever used binoculars was when I had to sit with my elderly mom in the 'physically challenged' area. There were very few hot sisters around there, so I sometimes brought binoculars to check out the babes from a distance. It was always a challenge to zoom in on some nice cleavage without my wife noticing.


  • candidlynuts

    i used binoculars at assemblies to see which elders were asleep during the program, caught a few nose pickers , saw a few arguments between spouses and inserted my own dialouge to amuse myself.

  • kls

    Candid, LOL ,,,,,,,i can't even believe the things you come up with,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lol

  • jschwehm

    I think it is common knowledge that the housekeepers at Bethel search the belongings of Bethelites for signs of illegal contraband.

    Jeff S.

  • ezekiel3
    Like, "watchers" at a convention? I never heard of that! Can someone elaborate?

    "Watchers" are men assigned at conventions to post at various elevated locations to watch for problems. They use binoculars and two-way radios to communicate to other "watchers." Each post has at least two brothers, one using the binoculars while the other scans the audience. The "watchers" are a sub-group of "attendants" and can be identified by a black dot on their label badge insert.

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