Trying to track down a pedophile...

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  • Mary

    Elsewhere, I wish you all the best in this..........just a word of caution: if your former teacher IS a pedophile and he knows that you've been asking about him, he could not only have your phone number, he could also have your address. So for god's sake be careful!

  • Stefanie

    Yup, becarefull Else!

    Even though he was such a coward that he molested 2 little girls, not to mention Else is trained in self defense and packs heavy.

  • Elsewhere
    REVERSE PHONE LOOKUP! You got caller ID? You can also get the number from the phone company.

    That was the first thing I tried and it came back as a private number.

    To clarify a bit, the teacher who contacted my mom to say "hello" is not the same teacher I am looking into. I'm just currious why he of all people would try to contact me. He was one of my favorite teachers... even though I did annoy him sometimes. The teacher I am looling into has no idea that I am looking... unless the school contacted him and told him... which I seriously doubt.

    Thanks for all the support everyone! I've been bugging that school for almost a year now... all I want is for them to give me a name, nothing else... but they keep stone-walling me. I think I finally found a way to corner them with the law to force them to give up the name.

  • Jim_TX


    How about a class yearbook?

    Could you either go to the school - have someone else go to the school - contact a classmate...

    Somehow, get a look at a yearbook from about the time that you graduated.


    Jim TX

  • Quotes

    EW, I told you to get a yearbook when you were in High School.

    Why won't you listen to me? ;)

    ~Quotes, of the "Let's Do The Time Warp, Yeah!" class

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