Trying to track down a pedophile...

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  • Elsewhere

    There has been some interesting activity today, and I don't think it is JW related! Let me elaborate a bit...

    My phone's log shows two different phone calls from the area where I grew up in SE Texas. One from my mother and another from someone who hung up after just one ring.

    My mother (Yes, the one who is shunning me) wanted to deliver a message from my old physics teacher (one of my favorite teachers)... he just wanted to say "hello". I told her to tell him hello back. That was the extent of the phone call. I doubt it lasted more than 30 seconds.

    About an hour later I received the one-ring phone call from the other number in a city neighboring where I grew up.

    Here is the significants of this activity... Last year there was a story on the local news about a teacher (Duane Masengill) here in the Dallas area (City of Coppell) who was accused by a student of molesting her. The community rallied to his defense and the grand jury found that there was not enough evidence to do anything, so the matter was dropped.

    When I saw his picture on the news I noticed that he bore a very strong likeness to a teacher I had in High School who was fired for some mysterious "inappropriate" behavior with a student. The incident resulted in a physical fight between him and the girl's boyfriend.

    I could not remember the teacher's name, so I could not know for sure if he was the same person who was recently accused... so I called my high school and asked them for the name of the teacher I had. I ended up making many phone calls over several weeks getting a run around. They did NOT want to give me his name. I then sent several emails over several months. Again, nothing. I then sent a physical letter requesting his name and I got no response.

    On Friday Sept. 24, 2004 I sent a certified letter to the school requesting the teacher's name under the Texas Open Records law (Tex. Gov't Code Ann.552.001 to 552.353) and threatening to sue if they did not release his name. I checked the delivery confirmation for the letter and it was delivered yesterday morning.

    Now all of the sudden I'm getting these mysterious phone calls related to my high school.

    I wonder if they are checking up on me now that I finally got their attention!

  • kls

    It is possible EW if it keeps up you may have to change your cell numb. Hope you didn't open a can of worms.

  • Elsewhere

    If it is a can of worms, then it is one that has needed to be opened for a long time. If my suspitions are correct, this guy has managed to cover up two sexual assaults and come out smelling like roses.

    All I want is his name so I can verify if he is the same person or not. If he is the same person as the teacher in Coppell, then all hell will break loose when the authorites get their hands on the information I have.

  • kls

    EW i meant a can of worms that will cause you problems not the ped.You know like harassing phone calls and what ever else this sicko would do .

  • Elsewhere

    True... but is having to change my phone number more burdensome than the memories that the two girls are having to go through life with?

    I think not.

    I'm certain that they both have already sacrificed much more in their attempts to put him behind bars... they just never had the convenience of being able to put their two stories together. If all works out, then I will be able to give them this.

  • kls

    Good for you EW . You have a good heart.

  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    Good for you Elsewhere.My name,mailing address,phone number, and pics are plastered all over the web.The local dub goons know where i live.

    God hates a coward.

  • jwbot
    Now all of the sudden I'm getting these mysterious phone calls related to my high school

    REVERSE PHONE LOOKUP! You got caller ID? You can also get the number from the phone company.

  • Stefanie

    Unless their name and number read private.

    I know because i tried to call the company to get a number traced like that, and they couldnt help me..

  • Been there
    Been there

    Maybe you could join and someone there may remember him. Maybe (probably not) he is a registered sex offender and can be looked up for that town.

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