Embarressing Moment!!!

by Sirona 16 Replies latest jw experiences

  • franklin J
    franklin J


    do you suppose another "witch" sent some bad magic your way?

  • simplesally

    Some bad mojo?

    Sirona, you are back on your feet now, what next?

  • Snapdragon

    Okay, I've got a good one. Its a serious gross out story, though, beware.

    When I was 17 my boyfriend would change my car tires for me, to save me a few bucks. I went with him to the garage one time and found out how boring the experience is. I mean really boring, so of course I ended up picking my nose. Doesn't everybody? Anyway I was sitting behind him and we'd been talking but he hadn't looked at me in 20 minutes. He suddenly turns around to say something and there I am, pre-flick, getting ready to get rid of my booger. He stared at me with a look of horror on his face. "Is that a booger?" I was so mortified that I actually tried to lie about it, at first. But there was no question. He didn't break up with me, although I think he debated whether or not he should.

    Gross, huh? I did warn ya.


  • WildHorses

    LOL snap, I laughed so hard at that that my son had to come see what was so funny. It made him laugh too.

  • Dawn

    Years ago I worked as a secretary to the president of a large corporation. My desk was at the main entrance to the head office where a lot of the "top dogs" came and went. One came in to see the head honcho, and I was getting up to go into his office and announce the visitor. As I pushed my chair back from the desk, apparently there was something small behind me that stopped the wheel of the chair - unfortunately the momentum of the chair kept going and I ended up falling backwards, landed still in seated position in the chair with my back on the ground and my legs straight up in the air. To add to the embarassment of my gracefulness - I was wearing a short skirt. So the "visitor" got a full view of my panties. Oh how embarassing!

  • Sirona


    Sounds like you're saying something about me being Wiccan. Come on then, out with it!

    I slipped. No bad mojo


  • dorothy

    Dawn, that is hilarious. This has happened to me too, although in another setting. Don't you feel like a total ass, laying there in the sitting position? No damn way you can re-position yourself gracefully.

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