JW Wrongdoers Unable To Pray?

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  • Englishman

    My Dad, who was PO of several different largish congregations at varying times, sat on a number of JC's during his lifetime.

    He maintained that alleged wrongdoers confessed to being unable to pray to Jehovah between committing the actual sin and appearing before a JC.

    He told me that this was invariably the case and that confessing wrongdoers felt a great sense of relief after appearing before a JC because they were able to pray once more.

    Totally unable to pray..psychological, perhaps?


  • czarofmischief

    Intensely psychological. Manipulation. If they have offended the Borg, then they have offended the Lord.

    I myself felt this same effect as long as I believed the WT nonsense about being the faithful and discreet slave. As soon as I found out about the UN I realized I'd been duped, and now I pray when I feel like it.


  • Gordy

    I prayed like anything between my "wrongdoing" and my JC.

    It was only after leaving the JW's and becoming a Christian I discovered I was doing it wrong, by totally leaving Christ out.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    english man; i think your dad is using the wt teaching that jehovah only hears the prays of jw's . maybe someone can post that wt. it's not too old. john

  • Brummie

    Yes it is 100% phsychological, a product of the mental cruelty of the Watchtower. Since the Wtower and God are joined at the hip it is hard for the sinner to believe that God would listen to anyone who has disobeyed the WTower. Thats spiritual and mental abuse for ya!


  • Amazing1914


    The couple I mentioned several days ago, that returned to the organization after over 20 years of freedom, stated that they prayed to Jehovah, and then sought reinstatement. So, maybe this is a good sign that they are going to come back out, since they did not go before a JC first.

    I recall the 'prayer' issue being bandied about in the organization, that DF'd and DA'd people can't pray. Yet, they somehow manage to get Jehovah's attention, and return ... a sort of prayer without praying ... this does not fit the situation with my friends.

    Also, there is the belief among many JWs that even if a DF'd or DA'd person does pray to Jehovah, he will not listen to their prayers until they seek out the Elders. Yet, when my friends prayed first, they said that their 'pride' melted away, and Jehovah opened up to them, and so they returned.

    Ahhhh ... the wonderful magical world of Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • jgnat

    My JW honey behaves the same way. He approaches God with trepidation, with no confidence that he is worthy of attention. Why ask for forgiveness from someone whom the society has said has judged you unworthy, and will not hear you in your unclean state? Truly, the society has placed themselves as the mediator between the flock and God.

    What a terrifying responsible position they have placed themselves in. I do hope they take it seriously. Are there bible examples of sinful men being heard by God?

    Luke 7:37-38 The woman, a sinner, who anointed Jesus' feet.

  • Preston

    I think if anyone's an expert in instilling a guilty conscience its the JW's and I had one like nobody's business when I was an active one. From the time I determiend that I needed to leave up until now I still pray to God. I do it because, well, I don't know. I'd still like to think there's a God (Goddess?) that observes humanity and has a degree of compassion for people. Like Czar, it makes me wonder if it really is psychological, or if there really is an inert need to communicate with the spiritual. As for the JW midset, I think they make it out to be more complicated than it actually is because you are not praying to "the" God you are praying to "their" God. I don't think its really complicated. You can't do anything for God, no matter how many meetings you go to or how many times you try not to be an a**hole so ask him for help if you need it and thank him for the pitiful life you have.

  • Satanus

    I had no problem. In fact, it got much easier for me. That dread that jgnat described in her hubby that i had also had as a jw was gone, after i found out the wt was full of it. A yr later, i was dfd for being apostate (which is the worst sin in the wt view), and still no problems. I felt closer to god and jesus back then. It is all psychological.


  • ezekiel3

    From the source:

    If not baptized a JW will lose "priviledge of "prayer":


    w90 5/15 p. 12 Fear Jehovah, the Hearer of Prayer ***

    Some who were at one time progressing toward dedication later may seem to be holding back. If they do not have enough love for God in their heart to make an unreserved dedication to him, they ought to ask themselves whether they still have the wonderful privilege of prayer. Apparently not, because those approaching God must be earnestly seeking him and also righteousness and meekness. (Zephaniah 2:3) Everyone who really fears Jehovah is a believer who makes a dedication to God and symbolizes it by getting baptized. (Acts 8:13; 18:8) And only baptized believers have an unrestricted privilege of approaching the King Eternal in prayer.

    God does not hear/answer non-JW prayer (unless you want a JW to knock on your door of course!)


    w90 5/15 p. 12 Fear Jehovah, the Hearer of Prayer ***

    Naturally, God does not answer the prayers of wicked, unfaithful, and self-righteous people. (Proverbs 15:29; Isaiah 1:15; Luke 18:9-14) But those who fear Jehovah are heard because they have conformed to his righteous standards. Yet, they have done more. Fearers of Jehovah have made a dedication to God in prayer and symbolized this by undergoing water baptism. They thus have an unrestricted privilege of prayer.

    Do not pray for disfellowshipped unless they show repentance, and never in public


    w01 12/1 p. 31 Questions From Readers ***

    While some may be in a position to observe sufficient evidence to believe that the sinner has repented, this may not be the case with the congregation in general. They would be puzzled, troubled, even stumbled if they were to hear someone praying publicly about the erring one. For this reason, those who feel moved to pray about the sinner should do so only in private, leaving any further development in the matter in the hands of the responsible elders in the congregation.

    Parents can pray for a repentant DFed youth (because God will not listen to the child)


    w01 10/1 pp. 16-17 How Can You Help a "Prodigal" Child? ***

    In restoring one?s relationship with Jehovah, prayer is a must. Of course, no one should "make request" concerning blatant sin that is clearly being practiced unrepentantly by any individual once associated with the Christian congregation. (1 John 5:16, 17; Jeremiah 7:16-20; Hebrews 10:26, 27) Yet, parents can ask Jehovah to give them wisdom to deal with the situation. (James 1:5) If a disfellowshipped youth gives evidence of repentance but does not have "freeness of speech toward God," the parents might pray that if God finds a basis for pardoning the child?s error, that His will be done. (1 John 3:21) Hearing these prayers should help the youth to see Jehovah as a merciful God.?Exodus 34:6, 7; James 5:16.

    An elder commitee meeting to consider reinstatement of a DFed person, will not pray on the matter until they see "evidence" of repentance (usually regular meeting attendance is considered evidence).

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