Any postive feedbacks from congregational people.

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  • Odrade

    Well, I read the WT and went to meetings almost all my life. I had lots of free time for the ministry because I wasn't allowed to go to college. I had freedom from confusion because I was so indoctrinated I "had all the answers." I had freedom from having to juggle my schedule, because I didn't have any association outside of the congregation. Oh yeah, I was free from the stresses of a great career because I didn't have any training or education. You don't know how rewarding it is to work in a bread dough factory for $6.90/hour until you try it!

    Bleh. There is a reason so many of the stories on here are negative. If they were good, we would still be there. But this is an organization that takes away your critical thinking, takes away your money (or your chance to earn decent money,) takes away your time, and takes away your freedom. You spend your entire life waiting for the future, instead of living in the present.

    I hope you stay on this board and learn the other side of the story... especially about the WT literature. You could start here:

    It's an essay about propaganda as utilized by the Watchtower Society. Read the rest of the page too.


  • Tim Horton
    Tim Horton

    Joker10 said:

    You will not read many positive things there because most people have dedicated themselves to bash them. This is not the place to be if thats the case.

    Then why are you here Joker? Enlighten us.

  • shamus
    Then why are you here Joker? Enlighten us.

    Because he's a troll.

    And that's not what this topic is about. Try PMing him and discussing it in private, rather than post off-topic.

  • Joker10

    Because I learned more about the Bible than before.

  • Odrade

    and with everything you now must know about the JWs, do you really think what they taught you about the bible is true???

  • Joker10

    Not 100% true and accurate. But like he said- what denomination is perfect?

  • gypsywildone

    Yes, studying with the jws IS better, better for watchtower finances, better for their published, inflated numbers . . .

  • Markfromcali

    What if you didn't go with positive or negative? We can just say what the story is, although the facts can certainly be presented without it being a story, too. The thing is, both being for and against are biased positions aren't they? If we want the truth it's best if we just deal with the facts.

  • Gordy


    You wrote above:

    am studying with the witnesses for over a yr now & finally today finished the Knowledge Book. I came from a Baptist church & since studying with this congregation have grown to appreciate them. Though I do not feel the need to have the WT at the meetings I understand why the congregation uses them. I just think of them as articles to read & move onward. However I do like the fact that they are very biblical in the since of studying all the time. Does anyone whom have studied & left for one reason or another, or others whom have studied & decided to convert over tell me positive stories how they impacted your life?
    I am tired of reading negative stories. Not every denomination is perfect. Thanks.

    Just think of what you have said. ?today finished the ?Knowledge book? .

    Yes you have finished studying ?a book? not the Bible.

    You miss the point of having the WT at meetings. It is by the WT that that JW?s beliefs and teachings come from. They are not ?just articles to read and move onward? they are the foundation of JW belief its were they get their direction on what to believe and not to believe, how they should be obeying the WT, how they behave towards others etc. It is through the WT that their lives are controlled, not by the Bible.

    In what sense are they ?Biblical? none of their major teachings can be supported by the Bible. Nothing in the way they do things can be found anywhere in the Bible or through Christian history.

    Or do you think "Biblical" means giving an appearance of being "good" and "nice people". Just because someone walks around with a Bible in their bag doesn't mean their "Biblical"

    Yes we do tell stories on how the WT ?impacted? our lives.

    Impacted them for the worse.

    Explain to me why should my JW wife and daughters be forbidden to have contact or speak to me. Just because I decided no longer to be a JW.

    If we had ?positive? stories don?t you think we would still be JW?s.

    True no denomination is perfect.

    But the JW?s believe they are.

  • Undecided

    If you want the truth about the inner working of the JW faith, please read Crisis of Conscious by Ray Franz. I was a JW for almost 40 years and didn't have a clue how the organization was really controlled. You may find it in the public library. They will tell you not to read this, but it is because they don't want you to know the real truth about the men who claim God's spirit direction in NY, who control the "Faithful and Discrete Slave". They claim Jehovah appointed all the anointed ones since 1919 as head of his earthly organization, appointed as a special slave of Christ, but only about 12 men in New York really control it all.

    Ray Franz was one of those 12 men and gives the real truth of how they controlled the JWs thoughts and actions.

    I was never harmed by the JW's except they stole all my time and promised I would never grow old in this system. I have seen almost all my family die expecting to have all their problems solved by a new earth. Two generations of JWs gone without anything foretold happening and now I am the third generation approching death with nothing to indicate they were more than just another religion with their own ideas of God's plan.

    You don't need a religion to tell you what is right or wrong in this life, to controll every thing you do. Live you life as your conscience guides you.

    Ken P.

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