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  • Seven

    Just kill me now!! My team should be named Iron City "Lights Out"! Even with Payton Manning and the Baltimore "D" I'm still keeping XW company in the basement. LOL We need a win XW!! Maddox being out should help my receivers this week.

    Season Standings

    RankTeam NameW-L-TWPctPtsStreakWaiverMoves
    1alt Futher Muckers2-0-01.000214.23W-25-
    2alt los chicos2-0-01.000210.10W-2127
    3alt Kismet's Krushers2-0-01.000181.73W-221
    4alt Rhinos1-1-0.500221.88L-161
    5alt The Frenchman1-1-0.500199.80W-1103
    6alt Tonys Tigers1-1-0.500179.82W-191
    7alt ThisIsDaYear4BoSox1-1-0.500177.87W-174
    8alt Pleasantville Titans1-1-0.500147.74L-13-
    9alt SwordOfJah1-1-0.500143.52L-187
    10alt Da_Champs_2K40-2-0.000180.80L-2114
    11alt Iron City Lights0-2-0.000155.95L-21-
    12alt XW's Cheeseheads0-2-0.000141.85L-24-
  • Brummie
    Iron City "Lights Out"!


    too bad though :)

  • xenawarrior

    LMAO !! I was thinking I was okay the first week when I was only #10 out of 12 but now I suck eggs !! And to top it off my top RB is listed as questionable and my best TE is listed as doubtful !! And to make it EVEN WORSE- their replacements on the bench are both listed as questionable too !! And the KC defense is falling apart. I know the Commissioner said no crying -there- so I'll do it here !

    ((((((Seven))))))) glad to know that's YOU !!!


  • Seven

    {{{{{{{{{{XW}}}}}}}}}}} LOL Make my eggs pickled. I have a feeling I'll be sucking those eggs right along side you all season. I tried sneaking an additional QB into the lineup this week but I guess I can't do that. We're going to have to dance with ones that brought us.


  • Seven

    Brummie!! You should have signed up. You couldn't be doing any worse than me. :)

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Have a beer. Makes the heart of mortal steeler-heads rejoice.

    psst .... if you've got Vinny Testaverde, play him. This is the week.

  • Seven


    STILLERS!!!! How 'bout the world's first aluminum beer bottles?? Too bad they're filled w/ I.C.

    I'm glad to see Interceptaverde in a Cowboy uni. The Steelers loooove him. Pump an Iron


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Yes, and let's all remember how the referees gave Super Bowl XIII to the inferior team. Anyone who saw that game knows the real champion was Dallas.

  • Seven
    Yes, and let's all remember how the referees gave Super Bowl XIII to the inferior team.

    "Bollocks!" said the Queen. "If I had them I'd be King."

  • Simon
    Yes, and let's all remember how the referees gave Super Bowl XIII to the inferior team

    So, I guess the reason America didn't win the Ryder cup was that there were no referees on the course? ... 'cause they were beyond "inferior"

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