World's Worst Century?

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  • outbutnotdown

    Do you really believe what you said about the 21st century getting off to a bad start and that you can't perceive it getting any better?

    The world, as you see it in the big picture, is the way you see your world immediately in front of you. I feel for you, my friend......... my world is a very beautiful place..... whatever happens beyond what is around me is outside of my immediate control and will not cause me to see it any worse than how I perceive it in my immediate circle of influence.


  • Elsewhere

    Sometimes I wonder if we are not over sensationalizing terrorist attacks. In 2001 about 3000 people were killed in the US by terrorists... we went to war over it. In that same year 40,000 people died in car accidents. Last I checked, the population did not rise up in mobs against the auto manufactures. Car sales actually seem to be doing pretty good and the manufacturers are constantly coming out with new models to wow us and kill us with.

  • Quotes

    Elsewhere, how dare you bring rational perspective to the emotionally charged terrorist attacks!!!

    I'll bet you are a terrorist! And a tree-hugging anti-car-crusader too!

    Next you'll be telling us how obesity is a leading cause of preventable death and we should do something about *THAT*!

    Where will your list of rational, practical, common-sense advice end?

    ~Quotes, of the "100% sarcastic and in agreement with Elsewhere" class


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