Is Hollywood completely off it's freaking head(ALEINvsPREDATOR)

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  • Zep

    I have to get on my soap box here.....

    I just found out that there is going to be a film called....ALEIN VS PREDATOR. What the hell is with that.

    What is with Hollywood and the American movie industry. Do they just love making crap or what!!!! They go on a big marketing crusade armed with some crappy idea and whole bunch of tacky t-shirts and other merchandise and then just ram it down our throats. And for some bizarre reason people just lap the shit up. Jesus!!'s sad.

    My film tip for the year: Touching the void. A quality film that stands head and shoulders above the rest of loud crappy multi-million dollar Hollywood bullshit that we get fed each year.


    Seriously Hollywood, just piss off!

  • avishai

    Yeah, i've already seen it. Not so good. Although the FX were pretty damn good.

    My film tip for the year: Touching the void. A quality film that stands head and shoulders above the rest of loud crappy multi-million dollar Hollywood bullshit that we get fed each year. Seriously Hollywood, just piss off!

    That's why I watch (and act in) mostly independent films.

  • El blanko
    El blanko

    Alien vs Predator was cack.

    Yawnsome plotline, cardboard acting.

    There is however enough $$$ thrown at effects to feed the poorer parts of Africa for a decade. SO... if you like eye-candy, you'll like certain parts of the film.

  • czarofmischief

    Didn't see it. But Hollywood makes a ton of money every year, so they must be doing something right. And they do use a lot of money to fund indy films and new directors, more than it seems. The plain fact is that most indy films suck tushie, just like major films.

    It's not really a character flaw on the part of Americans that they prefer flashy, gory, explosive stories with limited character development. I mean, the Roman Circus Maximus was actually designed to be flooded so that they could stage naval battles. Talk about a waste of time and effort... or was it? After all, the Empire lasted 1000 years, maybe their addiction to violent entertainment had something to do with it...


  • Terry

    I am a kind of student of film. (All fans are.)

    The original Alien film was a haunted house movie in space. It revisted an idea that has incarnated since THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD over and over again. QUEEN OF BLOOD, IT--THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE and the remake of THE THING. All of these explore variations on the original John W. Campbell story Who Goes There?

    The second Alien movie was actually a completely different genre. Aliens was Director James Cameron's Hellzapoppin' variation on a theme seen in countless cowboy and indian movies. There are a bunch of THEM coming to kill us and we better kill them first. My choice for this kind of film is ZULU.

    The third Alien film was pure Nihilism It was a sick David Fincher film (aren't they all?) right up there with Se7ven. There was not a ray of hope in the whole dreary exploration of anarchy.

    The fourth Alien film, I think is much much better than anybody would allow themselves to admit. The ideas beyond the plot development were original and the technical proficiency in execution was flawless. Alien Resurrection gave us super-Ripley; half-human and half-Alien and you have to admit, that is something worth seeing! The son of Kong aspect to the Ripley/Alien mother/daughter symbiosis is poignant and spooky.

    Now we come to ALIEN vs PREDATOR.

    I liked the film. Yes, you heard me. I liked it. Why? For three reasons.

    1.I had zero expectations. There was no way I could be disappointed with a film from which nothing was expected.

    2.It was a great popcorn adventure. It was simply a rollercoaster ride from start to finish.

    3.Technical virtuosity in Fx allow us to see impossible things imaginatively presented and this film gives us plenty of that.

    Were there weaknesses to the film? CERTAINLY!! Ripley is gone and the lady who replaces her cannot replace the interesting personhood of Sigourney Weaver. This new chick is more tennis bum than fully developed human being.

    The characters are not even comic book level cliches. They are cut and paste necessities. Nobody is developed and nobody learns anything.

    Is it worth going to see? Yes--if you simply go to enjoy a visual treat with great Fx. If you are expecting Anna Karenina; stay at home.

    I believe in accepting movies for what they are __intended__to be. This film does not intend to be anything other than a thrill ride.

  • jgnat

    OK, wayyy off, wild topic here. My friend and I were talking about the rise of petty vandalism and senseless violence. My friend blamed it on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome children coming of age. I wondered, though, why previous generations had not noticed? I mean, it is not as if it is a new thing, drinking. Drinking pregnant, even.

    I pondered, out loud, what they did in the middle ages. At once, we both answered, "We killed them." Of course! We sent most of our defectives off to war, they had their authorized bit of violence, and most of them died. Cannon fodder.

    So in a weird way, it is the relative years of peace that has created this problem with petty violence.

  • jwbot

    I downloaded the movie for free and I STILL want my $9 back!!! Thats how much it sucked!

    I had no expectations either...Predator was not scary...oh they are our protectors! Ok. The alien was just a huge cockblock. The girl and the predator looked like they were going to kiss after she was made an honorary predator but no...the alian totally has to ruin that.

    It was PG-13 which meant they sacraficed some good violence and gore to obtain a larger viewing audience. Boo! Hiss!

    The plot and action was just so cheesy. So cheesy. Cheese.

  • Snowcrash

    Alien Vs. Predator is not a farfetched premise. In fact, Alien is part of the Predator cannon. In Predator 2, there is a scene where we see the Predator's ship. Inside the ship, there is an unmistakable Alien skull displayed prominently. This got a lot of nerds excited (myself included) as they imagined a fight between the Aliens and the Predators, so Dark Horse comics got the rights to both movie liscences and started publishing Alien Vs. Predator comic books. Alien Vs. Predator has been around for about ten years now. Talk of a movie has been going on just as long, snowballing from idle chit-chat over D&D games to business conferences between movie moguls (whether the movie moguls were playing D&D or not is still a mystery). There are even video games based on the idea. This isn't some random thing, Alien Vs. Predator have become like peanut butter and chocolate in the time they've been out of the mainstream spotlight.

    I agree with Terry. I enjoyed this movie a lot because it was so stupid. You knew going in that it wasn't going to be the next Citizen Kane. Come on, it's just a monster movie.

    Besides, the facehugger bullet time was so bad, it rocked.

  • sleepy

    Forget the film , anyone played the game ?
    Absolutely amazing.

  • ApagaLaLuz

    Yep CHEEESEY!! I usually LOVE cheesy movies, but this was too much for even me.

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