Driving On The Other Side Of The Road.

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  • Englishman

    OK, who's done it?

    I have.

    Easy, yeah?

    Or really tricky, maybe even terrifing?

    Tell us about it.


  • Valis

    I had the pleasure of riding on the wrong side or the road AND driving a motorcycle on the wrong side of the road.. Nothing like going 70mph down an English country lane...


    District Overbeer

  • Gadget

    I always got told that its easy to remember what side to drive on because of the steering wheel on the hire car being on the wrong side, but the only time I've driven on the right was when I hired a motorcycle in Toronto and that theory didn't work......... I had no problems remembering what side to ride on though.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Here in Southern California, we "live" half of our lives in our cars.... last year I put 22,000 miles on my car. Yet when I visited the British Isles a few years ago, I just couldn't get myself to rent a car, mainly because of the "wrong side" of the road issue. Heck, I had problems crossing the street, because I was always looking the wrong way first before I crossed. BUT, next time I travel to your wonderful country, I'm going to "give it a go".

  • gumby

    I have the WORST sense of direction than anyone alive at this time. I continually go the opposite of the way I FEEL I should go. A 5 year old could get me through a strange town better than myself........so,

    I was wondering if I moved to Mike's neck of the woods, drove on the opposite side, maybe I could find my damn way around. I'm gonna try it sometime.


  • cynicus

    I did: both by car and motorbike. Hell, I even survived the 'Magic Roundabout' in Swindon of all places. You won't believe it until you see it. British nutters...


  • Mulan

    I've never done it, but Dave drove all over England, Wales and Scotland in 1996. He adjusted pretty quickly. There was only one time when he forgot, but he very rapidly corrected. When he was working in Japan, they hired a driver.

    I love the way they say it over there...............It's not that they drive on the wrong side of the rode, it's the "correct side of the road".

  • ezekiel3

    Yeah, once in the UK when I pulled out into oncoming traffic turning right. Thanks UK for getting stuck in the outmode and leaving Ireland with your scraps . No problem in the city where I can reference traffic flow, in the country I am a perfect menace.

    I know, I know, it all dates back to when horsemen would approach veering to the left so they could leave the sword hand available. And now you are stuck out sorts with the rest of the world.

    At least your roundabouts go clockwise...

  • Lewis

    Do you know why the conjoined twins moved to England?

    So the other one could drive.

  • Jez

    My father and mother in law are here from England for 6 weeks. I gave them my brandnew 2004 van to drive around. They have been gone for 1 week now. Now...trying to give a 65 year old Brit, driving lessons, is something I hope to soon fade from my memory. No idea about 4-way intersections, felt like he should just 'jump ahead' of everyone and scream into the intersection and out again as fast as possible. THEN he has this weird thing where he HUGS the center line. The left 2 tires are practically right on the center line. I yell at him to get over or he is going to get hit, he says, "I am." Doesn't listen. I think he just mentally can't adjust to some things.

    He is too "Britainized" for our calm way over here.

    I haven't driven over there yet, my English hubby does all that, but I plan on it next year just to prove that I can.

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