Does Jehovah God Mean Anything To You Any Longer???

by minimus 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • oscar

    I still use his name when I pray and always ask for forgiveness I guess it has been ingrained in me and I find myself still using his name.

  • BrendaCloutier

    I use the Lord's Prayer, alot! when taken apart it is awesome. However, did Jesus pray to Jehovah? No, he prayed to his Father.

    If we believe at all in the reason Jesus was born on earth, we need no forgiveness, as we've already been forgiven.

    Me, I pray for blessings. I pray for me, my spousal unit, our families and friends, and especially for those who have harmed me, or whom I dislike - even Bush!



  • poppers


    I'm just curious - what do you mean exactly by this, " I belive (he, she, it, they) resides at the center of THE universe..."

    Are you saying that god resides in a specific physical locality in the universe? Whatever your belief is, what is it that leads you to that belief?

  • Momofmany

    I honestly don't know what I believe in anymore. Right now, I still want to believe in Jehovah, but I don't. I feel guilty for not believing he is the true god. I think he will fall way of Zeus and the rest.

  • BrendaCloutier

    Good question, Poppers.

    I believe the "being" we are taught to worship as god, is a being so far beyond what our small human minds are able to comprehend, that all we can get is a glimpse, if we're lucky. And I think science gives us some of the closest glimpses possible.

    I believe this "being" is the core of the universe - all universes, if they exist, and science thinks there is more than one, many parallel universes, etc,. But I believe "god" is the source of power and intelligence that resides at the core, is the core, and this power and intelligence radiates out throughout all .... thereby everything is an extension of god.

    Science says that there is a center, or core to the "known" universe, and that as the moon revolves around the earth revolves around the sun revolves around within the milky way, the galaxies are expanding and revolving around this core. This core, or source point of the big bang that began the creation of our universe.

    I used to have wonderful conversations with an athiest rocket scientist with whom I worked (he was on the design team and lead programmer for the space shuttle simulator). After 2 years of these "2nd hand smoke breaks" he was closer to maybe being agnostic, and I had a greater concept of the "god" that over my years away from WTS I began believing existed.

    I also believe in miracles, coincidence (co-inci-god's), and the metphysical. And I don't believe these ideas conflict with scientific theory, in the ultimate big picture.

    (I also believe the oceanic water of the earth are entities without conscience, and the earth is an entity with conscience and inteligence, however slow to act, and in her time, only. - Gaia theory)



  • minimus

    What a bunch of pagans.

  • toreador


    If you believe in a God such as you do, why do you pray at all to him? What do you expect by way of answer or action on his/her part. What you said about the earth having a conciense is really out there IMO.


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