The Awake's Lying Image of Witnesses (Oct 22)

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  • M.J.
    ... 80+% of Witness kids fall away...

    Really? That's staggering! Can this statistic be substantiated? Is this common knowledge among the R&F?

  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    I can vouch as a 3rd gen X 40+ years of JW exposure that + 50% of the children of the servant body elders and MS's have DFed kids.

    Across the board if you are an elder in state of Massachusetts usa and you have four kids two are/were Dfed

    Now,that doesn't include the walkaways and driftaways who escape judicial action.

  • metatron

    The 80+% figure comes from posts by Maximus a long time ago. He claimed that the

    Society did an internal review and found that 86% leave or are df'd - and that they've kept

    this vital statistic secret ever since.

    You guys can talk about chronology, dates for Armageddon and other esoterica all you wish

    BUT if this statistic was ever confirmed and BECAME WIDELY KNOWN the effect on the

    Watchtower would be devastating. Parents would simply give up AND likely develop a

    "Rumspringa" attitude about Witness kids that would shake the organization to its very



  • ozziepost
    some semi-liberal born again group


  • Informant

    Yeah wicked post metatron,, h btw havent I seen you in the Prophecy end times Yahoo chat room?

  • shamus
    If only a few Witness kids

    "left the truth", they could claim that this is a general aphorism BUT THAT'S NOT WHAT'S

    HAPPENING! If the overwhelming majority of Witness kids drift away or are df'd

    Good god yes! They don't ever stay in! The ones that do are very rare... and end up DF'd and grovelling back to 'the vomit', or just grabbing a brain and realizing that it's bullshit.

    Gary, your comments, as usual, are perfect.

  • marie67

    I can count about 45 people I knew as a kid who are no longer JW's. I know there are more!!! And I feel I'm soon to follow them although it has taken me about 20 years to do it!!!

  • seesthesky

    quit yer whining - lol

  • Flip

    "At age 17, she solemnly told me and her mother that she wanted nothing further to do with the "truth"."

    And you think the Boys in Brooklyn (er...New York) might be concerned about that...

    Regardless of her conclusion after 17 years, a parent would have provided her and every other child in the family, by donating cash to the service counter for field-service and personal magazines, book-study books, reference materials, Bibles, Corporate behavior/training manuals disguised as children's religious story books and teen psuedo-guidance books, leaflets, and contribution-box donations on behalf of a child to absolve guilt, for the better part of 17 years.

    Perhaps not a huge sum over 17 years, but muliply the printed and non-printed product consumption of a typical, captive JW child, times millions of families and that's a lot of tax-free cash accumulated to invest in real-estate for Jehovah.

    Not to worry...the minute the Kingdom Hall door has slammed shut behind her, there'll be another JW kid along to do his/her stint as a consumer statistic for the next 17 years.

    Lament the loss?...naaah...Jehovah's "bean-counters" have an architects meeting in the morning.

  • Jankyn

    Yep, Metatron, if all JWs took a good look around and saw the "youth drain" in action, it might change some of their attitudes.

    Of the kids I grew up with, at adulthood:

    P* family (two boys, one girl)--one boy still in

    R* family (one boy, one girl)--no kids in

    W* family (one boy, one girl)--girl still in

    M* family (two girls)--both in

    W2* family (two boys, four girls)--one boy and three girls in

    H* family (one boy, four girls)--no kids in

    H2* family (two boys)--no kids in

    I* family (four girls)--one girl in

    S* family (one boy, one girl)--no kids in

    C* family (one boy, three girls)--no kids in

    W3* family (two boys, one girl)--no kids in

    my family (two boys, one girl)--no kids in

    So, a congregation that had 38 kids in it when I was a child ended up with 9 still JWs as adults. According to my math, that's less than 25% retention--and at least two of those women still in (my cousins) would leave if it weren't for their husbands.

    Of course, I'm math impaired. I'm sure the Borg can work it out to some sort of glorious increase.

    Jankyn, strictly right brain class

    Edited to add: I don't think the JWs will take a good look around, because those in my parents' generation can't bear it. I know my mother thinks we left because of her failure as a parent, and not because of the organization's failure to provide any kind of spiritual "nourishment."

    Also, I think it's important to note that, in all of those cases where kids have left, there are now incredible stresses on the family structure: situations where parents are shunning kids, siblings are shunning siblings, and, in at least one situation, a woman was barred from attending her grandmother's funeral. Frankly, it sucks.

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