The Awake's Lying Image of Witnesses (Oct 22)

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  • metatron

    If you didn't know that the Watchtower Society published the Awake magazine, you might

    think it was published by some semi-liberal born again group. I say this because it clearly

    doesn't give a realistic representation of most Witness families I'm aware of.

    The latest issue (Oct 22) is a typical example. It's cover reads "A Child's Early Years,

    What Should Parents Do?" As you might have guessed, fleeing in panic from Jehovah's

    Witnesses is not presented as an answer to the question posed.

    They portray an idyllic , almost utopian version of childhood in which parents "make time"

    for their kids, unincumbered by 5 meetings a week, demands to "put in more time" in a

    futile "ministry", or the dominating need to make a living. They avoid all reference to

    spanking your kids by circumvention (pg. 10). If you were a stranger to this magazine,

    you'd never guess at the contrast of this family shangri-la with the cultish reality of typically

    shallow Witness life. Will your young children be favorably impressed by your example

    of shunning the disfellowshipped and 'spiritually weak'? Or maybe teaching your kids

    about how 99.9% of the human race is going to be slaughtered by God Real Soon(!) is better

    than the example of swinging a hammer for Habitat for Humanity?

    The simple fact here is: I DID ALL THESE THINGS WITH MY WITNESS CHILD!

    I faithfully read to her EVERY night from the "My Book of Bible Stories". I conducted

    a family Bible study every week. I labored to find ways to play with her to expand her

    mind. The Result?

    At age 17, she solemnly told me and her mother that she wanted nothing further to do

    with the "truth".

    And that , my friends, brings us to the cruelest lie that the Watchtower keeps repeating to guillible

    Witness parents - as this very Awake shows (pg 10)

    "Centuries ago the Bible clearly stated at Proverbs 22:6 'Train up a boy according to the way

    for him; even when he grows old he will not turn aside from it."

    Yes, THERE IT IS! That's the LIE they keep repeating! If only a few Witness kids

    "left the truth", they could claim that this is a general aphorism BUT THAT'S NOT WHAT'S

    HAPPENING! If the overwhelming majority of Witness kids drift away or are df'd,

    then the Watchtower is perpetrating a cruel hoax - with credulous Witness parents as their

    victims. If the Society knows that 80+% of Witness kids fall away, then they are as guilty

    of fraud as any corrupt corporation like Enron or Adelphia.


  • Badger

    Great post Met...and I can't wait for the day my son tips the scale in his mind away from that.

  • garybuss

    I think there is merit in the idea of train a child in a way she will follow as an adult. If I force a child to eat cottage cheese 5 times a week from baby to adult, I am convinced as an adult, that child will not touch cottage cheese. Same with religion.

    My parents beat on me and shamed me and threatened me and I grew up resenting them. They forced me into organized, big business, secular religion, and as an adult I do not like religion. Between my parents, the manipulating Witness people, and my teachers in school, I dislike authority figures.

    When my dad was a kid on the farm, all they could drink was skim milk because they sold the cream for the cash. To this day he won't drink skim milk but he thinks I should want to be a Witness and he does not see the reality link between the two.

  • Devils Advocate
    Devils Advocate

    Garybus -

    Are you certain you and I aren't cloned siblings? I mean, it sounds like your parents and my parents were one in the same! I'm a tad younger than you and a whole lot better looking but the similarities are too eery to ignore! LOL

  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    All my youthful years were disasterously dysfunctional BECAUSE i was a Jehovah's Witness.My first early childhood primer/coloring book was the ghoulish 'paradise lost to paradise regained' study book.

    Early childhood training was beatings at meetings.

    Below i've reposted this mornings news alert.Even now i gasp at the greedy hypocrisy of the Watchtower fraud for God cult.

    Chalk Hill landmark sold for condos
    Los Angeles Daily News, CA - 5 hours ago
    ... It's the first time the 8.3-acre parcel, on what is known as Chalk Hill, has changed hands since the Jehovah's Witnesses bought it from (Bob) Hope in 1974. ...

    Chalk Hill landmark sold for condos

    By Gregory J. Wilcox
    Staff Writer

    WOODLAND HILLS -- A decades-old San Fernando Valley landmark once owned by the late Bob Hope has been sold to a residential development partnership for $25 million, officials said Wednesday.

    It's the first time the 8.3-acre parcel, on what is known as Chalk Hill, has changed hands since the Jehovah's Witnesses bought it from Hope in 1974.

    {Footnote from undaunted Danny:Look at this,the Watchtower bought this one year before the end of the world 1975,at a time that i remember they were ordering the rank and file dubs to liquidate their assets and go all out for the Kingdom of God. This is also a time period that Brooklyn H.Q. was really crying poor mouth ( JW children were sending in their piggybanks {Jehovah's pennies} i was giving them my paper route and egg money from my 20 hens).I alone have been extorted tens of thousands of dollars of my life savings by the greedy bastards as an adult. They do 'eat their young for fun'.
  • DaCheech

    The Kingdom ministry a few months ago talking about meeting

    attendance said "some children do some homework before and some homework

    after the meeting". Then said "if they cannot complete the homework, just explain to

    the teacher that the christian meeting was important, therefore could not...."

    Are they smoking good stuff? You know how much homework kids get these

    days? You think a teacher will not give your child a 0 for not doing this?

  • Lostreality

    ive found that most of us kids these days are living double lives instead of being fully 'out'

    the ones with lots of friends in the hall, dont dare leave....but dont dare not live the way they want.

    thats why they dont know that 80% or more are 'corrupted'

  • Valis
    At age 17, she solemnly told me and her mother that she wanted nothing further to do

    with the "truth".

    Bingo! It wasn't easy, but I did the same thing. Let's see how the average work week for my fam broke down...It wasn't normal hours either. Mum sold Tupperware and my dad drove deliveries all over the state...So there is me doing all of the stuff below and baby sitting my siblings starting in the 4th grade. Lots of time there to spend as a family unit huh?

    Monday: Work & School

    Tuesday: Work, School, Meeting

    Wednesday: Work & School

    Thursday, Work, School, Book Study

    Friday: Work, School

    Saturday: Field Service, Work, Study For Tomorrow

    Sunday: Meeting, Field Service, *theocratic sports activity*

    It doesn't take a brain surgeon to see why kids would want to unencumber themselves from all that crap. Thanks for another good post meta.


    District Overbeer

  • ezekiel3

    Yet another article on child raising eh? These last two years have been stuffed with the same ol' prescription for the "JW kid disease."

    Most JW parents desperate for their children will believe this "posie in the pocket" cure. The problem is that the "cure" is the disease, and JW youth can see through it.

  • willyloman

    Meta: I look for your posts because they are always thought-provoking, but with this one you've raised the bar. This topic should (but sadly won't) serve as an eye opener to any witness parent who reads and thinks about it. It is an absolutely stunning condemnation of the WTS' "success" rate with respect to its teaching methods, which they say come directly from Jehovah.

    God, of course, can't possibly be that big a failure, but they refuse to see that.

    My own daughter had the same revelation when she came of age. I didn't know it then, but she cast seeds of doubt which eventually sprung to life in us and now we are a happy, united family. I thank God for her good instincts and the courage she had to follow them. I hope your situation worked out equally well.

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