Jehovah's Christian Witnesses??

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  • Highlander

    By the way, the Jdubs were really pissed, and they banned small planes from flying over Dodger Stadium! LOL

    What about Long Beach? Can we fly a plane over there this weekend?

  • J-ex-W

    The local [secular] convention center webpage lists the dates of upcoming summer assemblies for "Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses (CCJW). It's the CCJW that caught my attention. Do they use this shorthand to refer to themselves now?

  • Scott77

    All you guys who contributed in this thread are great at reminiscences. I feel greatly refreshed.

  • NeonMadman

    Randy, do you know who flew the plane over Three River Stadium in Pittsburgh during the 1978 International Assembly?

  • David2002

    What I heard, and this was from 2 Bethelites, was that there was one apostate group calling themselves Jehovah's Christian Witnesses..which may have caused some confusion.. There, were, several Kingdom Halls in the US and elsewhere with a sign that read "Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Christian Witnesses", but only one group of Witnesses (really ex-Witnesses), about 16 in number, split, to form their own group. I don't believe that group is still active. The group was split around the late 1980's..

  • pronomono

    I found this post while researching a comment from "In Search Of Christian Freedom". Here's a little more info on the topic from Brother Franz's book.

    "Some years ago the Watchtower magazine occasionally modified the name in its articles by using the expression “Jehovah’s Christian Witnesses.” (See also the 1971 book “The Nations Shall Know that I Am Jehovah,”,which frequently employs this term, as in pages 51-54, 76, 82, and so forth.) It was then learned that a group of former Witnesses had already adopted and registered legally this name. The Watchtower thereafter generally desisted from using the expression. An exception is found in the August 15, 1980, Watchtower , page 24."

  • blondie

    *** km 4/79 p. 4 Announcements ***

    Is it appropriate to have a Kingdom Hall sign saying: “Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Christian Witnesses”? So there will be uniformity, the Society encourages all to make their signs read: “Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses.” (See October 1978 Our Kingdom Service, page 3, paragraph 5.)

  • homejah

    I remember a TV PSA by the Organization which has a scene of a teenager making friends to someone online and the camera pans to a adult who of course pretends to be a teen. I was surprised the WTS would use a title like that. I even contacted Dogpatch at that time.

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